Prestige system

When you reach tier 99 there will be an option if you want to restart from tier 0 or you don’t want to,if you choose to restart you will get the higher awards than before but also the requirement points to reach to the next tier will be higher and if you manged to reach tier 99 you can Prestige again and again and the rewards will be higher and higher but also reaching to tier 99 will be harder and harder


Will points be reset?

No but the requirement itself will be higher than before like to get to tier 1 you need 1 million Points but in the prestige will be 5-8 million

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I didn’t know someone already suggested it but idea is a bit different there isn’t a legendary weapons and other stuff like this it is just restart and get higher awards and the point requirement becomes higher

My point was not about the idea but about the comments. Check them.

People mostly hate the legendary missions and weapons

Tier 99 is the top? I just hit 91 or 92 today, don’t remember. What happens then?

What are those?

The idea that was suggested in this post Prestige

Yeah, that seems unnecessary to me/redundant, we have superhero difficulty and the special missions for licensed flyers.

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