Tier increase

why only tier 99? i want tier to be infinite
after tier 99, tiers are really diffcult to reach.


To be fair, there really is no reason for the game to have a tier limit, maaaaaybe apart from the fact it would be really hard to squeeze in really large numbers like, say, 1234 (if a player even reaches that tier… ever). Perhaps an increase to the limit would do, yes, because when you reach Tier 99 getting points serves no purpose anymore except on challenges.


Would be nice to see something like Prestige mode (anyone had ever played CoD?) Idk if it was already suggested, but it’s worth mentioning it


No, i don’t wanna prestige, it’s not gonna be cool.
Also, it was already suggested:


No prestige please.


Please no, and you know why, you reset all of your progress just to get bonuses and a little icon just like what kylo said in the prestige topic…


Maybe this is the reason tiers are limited to 99.

Tier 120

BUT, as IA disabled ability to add developer in contacts, this has no use anymore.


What if (after tier 99) the player gets a “free spacecraft” voucher every 55 tiers worthness of points?

(Better than nothing)


And here, in a more limited form.
The community appears to be very much against implementing anything like that.

As far as increasing the amount of tiers is concerned, there is no point. The tier system currently serves no purpose other than locking out newer players out of playing some missions, giving you some amount of keys per tier and a medal once you reach tier 99. It’s not even worth considering the weapon drops in the long run, since you level past the first 10 or whatever-it-is-now tiers very quickly.


or we make ranks increases by tiers?

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And I still dont get why 99? Why not 100? Like it should be.


You’re right, in fact, I never understood why in lots of games the max number for lives is 99. Why not hop it to 100?

And then someone new will come and “WhY is It oNly 100 if THer;s a pLAce foR moRE?”
With 3 digits you can up it to 999 and cycle will continue.


I got idea by that post. If It become 100 tiers, There should be A ranks system

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Look, this is how it can be done:
Tier 25 - D rank
Tier 50 - C rank
Tier 75 - B rank
Tier 100 - A rank


That I was meaning. I will make topic for that later.

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I don’t like where this is going, as someone would suggest:
“How about S Rank?”
“How about SS Rank?”
“How about SSS Rank?”

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I prefer like every 10 tiers his rank get upgraded like

10 Tiers - Rookie Scout

20 Tiers - Seasoned Pilot

and up till…

100 Tiers - Sentinel of the galaxy.

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