Suggestion overhaul: Prestige

Ok, I’m gonna make it better.

Prestige ah yes, this mechanic, the thing that makes gamer always busy. Now that old topic is so unbalanced so yeah, overhaul time.

How to prestige: by reaching tier 99 and completed at least 200 missions. Once you completed those tasks, you will be mailed if you want to prestige. There is an icon next to the balance area (top right), click it and confirm if you want to prestige.

Once prestige your progress will be reset. Your exploration, your points, completed/failed mission counts, tier, always active, etc. You’ll keep the following:

  • Your Keys (+300 additional keys)
  • Competitive medals (daily, weekly, ironman, etc.)
  • Your equipments (heat sink, weapons, etc.)
  • Spacecrafts and hardpoints
  • Your mountables
  • Theme colors
  • Other customization stuff

Tip: (not in-game tip) if you want to stonks when you prestige, I recommend sell all the always active before you prestige.

The prestige do nothing but bring you back to the starting line and making you profit more. Each time you prestige, you have +1% of bonus keys and +2% bonus points apply to the mission debriefing/results (does not apply to competitive missions). You can prestige up to 20 times and once you reach prestige 20, you can go up to tier 120 (lol). Also when you prestige, there will be a prestige medal.

Prestige Medal Awarded for prestige (will not be removed when you prestige again)

OP’s note: this could be something for CHL but that’s too much. Also, iA, is this too much for the code?


What about mission require prestige?

Sorry, but my opinion hasn’t changed since March.


Prestige is no fun… Unless you’re masochistic.


Oh god, those clicker games

this remind me with some mobile that tell you to reset and get prizes
sorry idont want to bumb

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