Post your spacecraft!


Mine is pretty simple…


Sorry, I know that the image quality is really bad…


This is my spacecraft at the moment.


It dosen’t have any name.

… and I’m going to change it to M-808 soon.


I have recently repainted my spaceship, I call this paintjob “Omega” as a reference to a series of flash games (see if you get it!)


Still on the default spaceship, sadly, and yes, it’s shinier now.


Are you talking about the Learn To Fly series?


Yes, also I made a few changes to my spaceship.


It now has a different exhaust engine, the cockpit is different and the wing paint is less dense.
I nicknamed this version “Omega 1.1”, and in my opinion, this version is better


I don’t necessarily see any relevance to LTF besides your spaceship’s name but Learn to Fly was my childhood and probably my favorite flash game series, along with the Henry Stickmin series


Changed my Ship’s Design.


Well, I wasn’t expecting the game developer to like this. Cool though.


I based it off the coloration of the Omega items in the Learn to Fly games.


If you look around, they liked everyone’s spaceship, I’m guessing they like the topic itself, it is cool but it’s not something that makes you look cool if you brag about it.


It’s not very accurate.


Yeah, I realized IA liked them all.



Quasar Alpha


I called it VoLtAik


As in “zap!”?


yos :333


Do you uſe the lightning fryër much?


not really, most of the time i use the neutron gun


I changed my spaceship so here’s the picture:

Incorrect Laser Scope position