IDEA: Random Weapon gift

Hey guys! So a while back I came up with a rather interesting concept for an idea, it all revolves on weapons. Now, instead of this idea being just a new weapon, this will add chace to the mix and bring a randomizing gift.


The Random Weapon gift would be collectable just like any other weapon in the game, but as previously stated, this is NOT a new weapon in it’s own, it’s just a way to add randomness to them.

The gift itself would be distinguishable from other gifts for its special rainbow design, like the one below. Yes, I had the decency to make a mockup this time around :stuck_out_tongue:.


Once this item is collected, a random weapon will be selected, knowing how things can turn out, I made two ideas for such.


In this concept, once the rainbow gift has been collected, an icon will appear above the spacecraft, cycling through all of the game’s available weapons. (pictured below)


In the image above, you can see the Neutron Gun icon above the ship, for future reference, the weapon icons will use the colors from their respective gifts, and their inventory icons.

Do not that, albeit the image is still, you CANNOT cycle through the weapons manually, instead, the game will cycle through them AUTOMATICALLY.

Now for the question you’re probably asking: How do you select a weapon? While the roulette is on-screen, press the FIRE button to stop it, and wherever it lands it’ll be the weapon to be selected.


This one explains itself, the weapon will just be picked automatically without any confirmation from the player. I had this idea as an emergency in case the weapon roulette couldn’t be implemented.


The random weapon gift will give players a random weapon out of any of the ones in the game.


  • Can give access to weapons that haven’t been unlocked yet
  • If lucky enough, it might also give you a powerful weapon


  • Entirely luck-based
  • The Moron Railgun IS included as part of the roster
  • CANNOT be neither purchased from the shop nor mounted onto spacecrafts, this isn’t a weapon of its own!
  • Collecting the gift itself DOES NOT give extra points
  • Will likely be rarer than normal gifts

As for the randomizer’s look, regarding option A:


  • Prior to the weapon being selected, it shows players what weapon it’ll be


  • Unless you got some satellites or superweapons in handy, it leaves you vulnerable

And as for option B:


  • Does not require any user input at all


  • Doesn’t warn you what weapon will be chosen

Please let me know of your opinion, especially if there’s anything I need to change. With that said, hope you enjoyed at least reading through!


But you can just not have it be like that? You can eliminate the moron railgun in option B and add a basic point reward.


First of all, thanks for bringing these up.

I’ve been pondering around the Moron Railgun for quite a while after reading through the post, and there’s really only a couple of ways to solve this issue. First, as you said, we can take off the Moron Railgun entirely. Second, I’ve been debating around adding odds to the list, and I feel like they would break the concept a tad too much. To make this clearer, with the original concept in mind the odds would be “1 in (current number of weapons)” (as of right now, 1 in 14). For now I’ll leave it at that until a better solution comes up.

Option B is only there as an emergency plan in case the weapon roulette (the original concept) couldn’t be added to the game.

As for score, this too got me some ideas. First would be to give off a small bit of score, the problem being that once obtaining the respective weapon, the points from that would be the same as collecting the individual gift. Which is why I came up with another option: Make the selected weapon give slightly LESS points than what it normally does, and make collecting the gift yield the rest, but as for that, we’d need to have a consistent value between all weapons (such as; make the gift yield 500, and remove 500 points from the score value of the selected weapon).

Regarding the gift color, I suggest to change it. I’m having a hunch that this will trigger certain group of people.

Probably a glowing gift as a suggestion.

Glowing as in…how? Like, what color should it be?

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