Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

Yes, he is. (unless you meant yellow henvil, then no)

It’s been quite a while, right? I haven’t made any more of this for some time, mostly because I was burned out, but now, have this! Featuring the Greedy Way galaxy (by @Electronic_Arts), I’ve been wanting to do this ever since the image was posted.

As an added bonus, enjoy some old ones!

And one of my personal favorite ones:


because you can’t edit old topics

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

We’re glad you used our famous Greedy way galaxy. :slight_smile:


A new chicken invasion on the way…
If the hero will lose humanity will litteraly change forever!

(After the first boss)

What do you think? Do you see this as a future game incipit?
(Sorry for my bad drawing skills)


It looks more like a comic but it is okay! :smiley:


Back to 2012


Well i created this two ugly things down during august :smiley:
Mini bosses, nothing special.


This is another world of Minecraft, not InterAction Studios one, this is on Java Edition. This world is called Henterprise. It is a Henterprise remake made of stone on Minecraft Java edition.

Here is an image of the front of the Henterprise. You can compare it.

Edit: And .png images are still uploaded as .jpg


I hear someone insult iA

first of all, do you know that only one person is working on not just this game, ALL the ci games, and that you know it’s hard creating games, right?

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Wait only one person is working on ci?


This is how Greek mafia works.

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And where did you get information about that only 1 person works on CI. IA never said that he or they are only 1 person. If they are only 1 person the company should be called only Konstantinos Prouskas(wich is maybe the main guy there).

Read the laſt ſentence.


Secret Company, which created the first game for Windows XP, 2000

Ohh, i remember that post. But it was before many months and didnt look in particular. I was confused because of plan update 4 explanation.

So, if you haven’t been keeping up, the 20th anniversary of Chicken Invaders arrives in a few months! (July 24th, the original game’s release date!) I know right now it’s WAY TOO soon, but I decided to make this in anticipation!

Makes me wonder if InterAction has anything planned on the matter.