Plan Update #02

Oh come on… they could optimize it for phones easily

Some game assets could be put on a server to be downloaded on-the-go, but it adds loading times

Everything can be optimized. Just look at other games ported how good they work. Also it would be good to see some old soundtracks remixed or remastered.


Yes, if we use your idea we will contact you so you can tell us if/how you want to be credited.


Maaaaybe. Maybe not. We’re not saying at this stage :wink:

Just this spring we had to port CI4 for a game service in France that ran on such low-end hardware, it didn’t have enough memory to fit all the graphics in (we had to use half-size versions). A lot of phones have very limited free storage space and having a bigger footprint reduces your install base, which reduces your users, which reduces your income, which reduces your meals :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s true for multi-million dollar productions, but nothing is “easy” and nothing comes for free when you’re essentially running a one-man show.


Maybe some variation as this game has an array of customisation.

in CIU obviously not apasera but in other game of chicken invaders can that boss appear?

@InterAction_studios Will there be global career leaderboards ingame where you can see total score, keys and medals for each player? Will there be leaderbaords (points) for every mission or is that too resource intensive?

I think global leaderboards for each level may be too much, though if they will keep scores for missions, it should be possible. Maybe atleast they’ll add friend leaderboards (if there will be a friend system).

how about a laser explosive gun, where the reload rate is a bit slow, but when it hits a target, it causes a mini explosion and splashes to nearby enemies, here is a (very bad) illustration of what i mean [i used a old image i found on google]

Each player will have their own career stats and you’ll (eventually) be able to see them and compare them with your own. As for per-mission stats… yes, the data is there, but as @Davoid says it’s probably overkill to expose all of it… just your squadron members would probably make more sense.

Are squadrons a synonym to clans/teams?

Yes, that’s right. You can create your own and/or join other player’s squadrons.

@InterAction_studios I want to play Back to time mode. in this mode you can turn back to CI1 - CI2 - CI3 - CI4 & CI5. why? because there is a devil chicken is try to change time on CI1 - CI2 - CI3 - CI4 & CI5. We need to stop him! and we need turn back to the normal. The final boss will be on CI5 mode!

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Chicken Invaders Universe for users with forum will be cheaper or somehow will be a discount for users on the day of release?
Will there be Chicken Invaders Universe beta testing as in the case of Chicken Invaders 5. My older brother discovered it and he got me into that super series.

The game will be free. There is no discount for forum/early access users when you purchase a “Chicken Hunter License”, however if you do purchase one and you have also been playing in early access, then we’ll transfer some initial keys (depending on your early-access account) to your ‘official’ account. Your progress itself will most likely NOT be transferred as-is, however.


What privileges do players with a Chicken Hunter License have / going to have (except cloud saving and usernames)?

the price of a hunter license

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They already said it in Plan Update #01.

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