Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

Do you use Drag&drop or “Upload” button?


Try to use image button, maybe it will help.

I used that button, I thought you were asking if I dropped it on Choose files button.

I mean you just dropped file into text field, I use this method.

But, how can I post .png images? THis didn’t happen me before. Today for example, I have posted this.

Just testing something


Edit: Nothing

For some reason it loads as .jpeg. Is it realy png?



Edit: And this was uploaded as .png.

Wow! Your screenshot loaded as png!

Very strange thing. Do anyone know anything about how discourse picture load system works?

Ask the creators of meta. discourse (they’re not the creators of this forum but they made the discourse forum (it has a system where you can create forums)), they can find a solution to this problem.


Here is my artwork

He hey vietnamese :slight_smile:

vietnamese here :smiley:

Me too

I know you, as a Youtuber

@cucmoi Yeah I know , but I’m not a Youtuber yet , I will becoming a Youtuber soon…

@CommanderGumball uhh… I’m mentioning @xdtruedame