CI7 Idea

There is CI5, CIU, and no CI6

That would be a great episode through…

So pls think this is CI6-CI7 Idea…

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Bad ending music should be like devilish version of victory music.

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Ending based on whether you “game over” in 1 specified wave?
That’s a no. We could make more special “game over” endings, but it’s still against how I would like to have the next CI episode - I need to talk about Chicken Invaders

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This looks familiar…

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What about: The Hero have a final choose: Space Burger corp. or His own Planet Earth.
If he goes at one direction he can save the corporation, if goes at another direction he can save Earth. 2 final bosses on each last chapter. The actions in the game subsequently change the events too :slight_smile:


Choices based ending, like simulacra or undertale. You can chose something during cutscenes and this will affect other replies and your future.


Now what if there weren’t any good endings? Certain games are like that,too

This could result at AU’s or anything similar especially when a story is left with so many plot holes. I’d rather have the story simple.

It’s not like that there’s some organization in the space that promotes “ethical” treatment of ani… chickens.

I don’t think that another game should exist. If we already have a game and its updated and a working project .

Well, there will be next part, but long after the CIU will be released. It’s the best thing that IA ever made (Chicken Invaders series, not CIU) so it would be stupid to not continue making CI games, but it’s time to think about something that will make a hit.

More story branches don’t imply more plotholes? Just look at Undertale for examples. It has it’s story neatly done for all endings.


Well, with all those theories running on the internet, it’s hard to believe that Undetale’s a complete story… ranging from W.D.Gaster’s identity to even verifying that whether Determination is a trait or not.

Toby fox could just explain it, but whats The point? You could just leave some things to theorize, and that doesnt make them bad. What is The Force in Starwars? Its hard to say. Is the force a badly portrayed thing then? I dont think so. If one time luke could throw an entire ship, and later couldnt lift a pebble, only then would you have a plot hole. You need consistency.

Well, I would actually leave the story in CIU in a rather simple manner. I also forgot that there’s many things in the game itself (Chicken Invaders) that needed to be explained, so I do revoke my previous reply.

Regarding Undertale, it could be explained in future installments but when it take too long, fans would soon lose interest in the series. not Deltarune


Great idea

I find your lack of faith in midi-chlorians disturbing.

Ideas that cross my mind are

  • Egg Maghenifyer Glass, a giant egg with huge magnifying glass in the middle, trying to scorch earth.
  • Giant portal that connects our solar system (or maybe our galaxy) with foreign galaxy where those chickens came from.
  • Eggcubator, mass production machine(s?) that hatch those chickens.
  • Yolk tankers, seems like every chicken build has yolk as their main power, so it would be like a gasoline tanker in our world.
  • New chicken breeds: turkey and cemani chicken.
  • Space cornfields (I don’t even know how that works :sweat_smile:)
  • Space minefield
  • Hempress, it’s henperor’s wife, don’t dare to touch her. She sits on eggshell throne.
  • Ootopia, Gigantic artificial planet by chickens, it’s all end here when you destroy the core (maybe?), but henperor isn’t there.
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