Plan Update #03


Sorry. I’m from Poland and I thought that was August XD


tune in for interaction studios therapy for 45 minutes,something for you impatient sausages



I have been a fan of chicken invaders for over a decade now and I would like to ask how will other players get early acsess to the game when it’s released


Read plan updates if you want. Interaction Studios said when its done. About the early acess, it will be free.


First profile that is a refrence from somewhere - TheOdd1sOut teacher. Definetly didn’t expect this one. : P


Late reply here, I know, but I think making a very obvious “EARLY ACCESS BUILD” message onscreen in CIU gameplay during the beta would help with this issue. Obviously it will be up to individuals to title/tag videos properly wherever they’re uploaded, but this way at least people would notice when they watched them.


Beta versions of earlier Chicken Invaders games already had this in place.


Hey emerald play please add my weapon ideas!!


He cant add it. All is controled by InterAction studios the developers of the game. They decided to add things and stuff like that.

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