Plan Update #02


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Well my new idea would be a chicken with a secret agent suit, which is very, very rare that it appears in the waves because this chicken will give you a special key that will unlock what you want just by having that key, if that idea is very OP will only give you 5 normal keys.

I would also like to see if anyone has some ideas to add them to my ideas of the challenge mode (link here to the post): Ideas wishes for the new game


in CIU can there be a boss whose attacks follow the rhythm of the music? You do not need to create many attacks just for that boss, just attack the beat. Can there be a boss like that?


Good idea, but hard to implement in our engine. Not many people would notice the beat <-> attack connection anyway unless a special music track was playing for that boss, and that’s not something we can afford to do (download size).


Umm how much mb is this game gonna be? Or will it be bigger then previous episodes?


Don’t know the exact size, but if you consider it will have most of the CI3, CI4, CI5 content plus new content then yes, it’s going to be bigger :slight_smile:


And in other thread you said that missions will be shorter, 10-40 waves i mean that’s already longer then previous episodes or I dodn’t understand what were you saying?


10-40 waves are equal to 1-4 chapters :slight_smile:


Bigger in terms of download size.

And longer in terms of gameplay. Each mission may only be 10-40 waves, but consider you’ll have 10,000 unique missions to play. So that’s significantly longer than 120 waves :wink: . Plus you can join these mini-missions into your own campaigns and challenge other players to play them.


OH MY GOD TAKE MY MONEY!! (Currently don’t have any)


Combining them into own campains? Sounds awesome!


@InterAction_studios will the spaceship look the same? What kind of customization will be there?


The spaceship as you know it from CI5 will be there, but it’s not going to be your starting spaceship. You’ll start off with a scout and will trade/buy your way up.

Spaceships in CIU are identified by their make, series and model. You can also name them individually, provided they’re in your fleet.

Spaceships will also have modular upgradeable power reactors, engines, and heat sinks.

This is a big topic and we’ll explain it a bit more in an upcoming Plan Update.


Any new satellites in this game?


that’s quite complex… how many visual spaceship combinations are there/will there be?


No extra satellites in the first release. We’ll add them in a future content update.


A lot, probably :). Choices will be limited in the initial release, but we expect to add spaceships regularly after that.

Spaceship makes, engines and paintjobs affect visuals, but reactors and heatsinks do not.


By the way, what do you think about those profile pages i mentioned in my thread? From there one could also access all custom campaigns that player made.


@InterAction_studios Will it be in the distant future remastered the original Chicken invaders?


That would be interesting… what about chicken invaders 1 with ci5 graphics, optimized for new pcs? The original game runs at about 5fps on my pc :confused: