Plan Update #02


@InterAction_studios earlier you said the game engine is limited to do certain things. Have you thought about changing it for stronger engine? Maybe the game would look even better. Also i don’t like the new space background when zoomed out it looks too repetitive.


They’ve been using their own Ultra VGA Engine for years. I doubt they’d ever want to switch to another one.


I wonder if it could beat the Cluck of the Dark Side spaceship paintjob combinations… I recently found out that it has roughly 1.82034216 x 10^14 combinations, out of which only 7.59006100944 x 10^13, or ~41.7%, are unique.


Profile pages: we have something like that already planned.

CI1 remastered: We thought about this, then work on CIU started so it’s on the back burner for now :frowning:


When the new aesthetics go into development for Episode Universe, I’m gonna have to propose that the
Standard Issue M-404 PI Fighter has this design. Not necessarily the paintjob (though that’d be awesome), but the physical design. The only flaw of the ship is the rear weapon pods only being connected to the tail wing. There have been previous models of the M-404 PI that have resolved this issue, but I wanted it to be brought back.


Thought about replacing the engine, but decided against it (for now).

Also, you’re right about the background, but to avoid repetition we’d have to make it bigger -> larger texture size -> higher memory requirements and larger download size. It’s all a balancing act.


Why not do what this game does? Two layers of starfields.


And while I’m here, for an extra challenge, I’ll recommend Gyroscope Malfunction.


Will you be able to unlock menu themes (music)? What music will be chosen for missions? Will old music be reused?


A variation of this is how the galaxy view currently works. The in-mission game is still single-layer. But we’ll consider changing this.


@BCMediaPlayer, your design undoubtedly makes more structural sense, but it muddies the spaceship’s silhouette under certain angles. You win some, you lose some.


Music from CI2/3/4/5 will be available. Not sure how much of it will be available by default and how much will be unlockable. The problem with music is that it takes too much download/disk space. We’re still undecided.


One possibility could be that certain music it set up on a server and it gets downloaded on-the-go. After a certain time it gets deleted from local disk space. Therefore some music won’t be included in the game assets which will make the game more light-weight, but it adds some waiting times in return.

By the way: In case some of my ideas get added into the game, will I be mentioned as “cook1ee” in the credits?


You can be mentioned in any way that you want (or remain anonymous), provided that it’s not offensive/sexual/hateful etc.


Well… then i would like to be mentioned as “cook1ee” :slight_smile:


If you add some of us in the credits you will tell us or I do not know how we will understand


@InterAction_studios For the spaceships,will we be able to play as hen solo’s spaceship?


@InterAction_studios why are you limiting youraelf on disk space? It’s not like bigger background will make the game huge in download size and we are in 2018 we could have a nice 10gb game filled with content.


It’s going to be released for android and iOS too, that’s why.


Oh come on… they could optimize it for phones easily