Plan Update #02


Will the missions difficulties range from really easy to absurdly hard?


What about the electric line connecting the Infinite Chickens?


That s what i thought


Why not just instantly kill the player?


Btw i work on 1 thing. Its called The Egg Tormentor i hope Interaction Studios liked when i finished


Lmao there should be a boss which does that if the player is spotted by him. You must hide behind asteroids flying to protect yourself.


Anything regarding egg drone minefield?


I’d like to see those return,even if they were somewhat annoying


Retro ship: it’s just a skin change like hen solo in CI4, it would also change the weapons skin in a challenge way.

Retro ship


@InterAction_studios Perhaps make a “Ideas” category, because all of this can get lost in these threads, and it would seperate the ideas from other topics. Not that it is that important for now as there aren’t many threads, but it could get cluttered quickly. It is still on ideamakers to use the category though.


Yes, please. That way, our ideas would get more exposure.


Yes this will be perfect.


Yes so we can finally see those ideas better.


You’ll come up with something soon. For sure.


We haven’t decided the specifics yet, but CIU will indeed have difficulty levels. The three familiar ones will return, plus some new ones.


Good idea. We’ve created an ‘ideas’ category.


All opinions are equally welcome here, be they positive or negative.


It sounds challenging.Maybe a little more compensation like faster key spawn rate but decrease the score boost to around 7.5%.

This would make it more worthwhile to get.


Soo, where do we post our ideas now?


You can post it in your own thread,or in others’ threads that are marked as “ideas”, I’d assume