Plan Update #02


I actually wouldn’t mind if they removed missiles completly from the game bc it’s too easy anyways. I don’t even use them that much.


They wouldn’t remove such a crucial game mechanic that’s been there since the first game. That would be crazy.


I didn’t understand.
But what’s the game mechanic?


Well just sayin’ I wouldn’t care. They seem overpowered to me. At least they could decrease damage or something.


That would make it tough, isn’t it?


Yes it would make it tough. That’s what this game is missing since thrid episode.


How about a return of berserk chickens?


Im sorry I didn’t understand. Who?


Those chickens.


Oh my god yes! I remember losing lives on this wave. Tht’s what this game needs! Randomness.


Haha they are very anoying, I would not have a problem returning them.


I would also love comet chase styled levels. Those were great.


egg drones were also hard to fight and the meteor storm chapter from ci3 is also not that easy, especially if those meteors became really fast and moved upwards


Can this combination could be possible:
Beserk Chickens + Gyroscope Malfunction?


Third one was the last hard game in the series.


Why not make berserk big chickens #214748363 from CI1 as well?


Correct thinking.
But even I could have thought of Chicken Multiplicity going beserk and the gyroscope being malfunctioned.


Maybe a higher difficulty(Veteran and Superstar Hero) shouldn’t reduce the players damage, but increase the fire rate and speed of enemies, make them more numerous, increase the rarity of powerups etc. right now a higher difficulty doesn’t make the game much harder, just more “boring”.


CIU likely won’t have any difficulties included.


OMG I GOT AN IDEA. A level where twice infinity boss follows you for 10 waves but you can’t kill it untill it’s boss time. This would make it crazy hard!