Plan Update #02


I made this edition to better show your idea, I hope you like it (sorry for the ship and the creeper is my watermark)


Here’s yet another idea I thought of:
Direct assault mode. In this mode,a lot of the projectiles will be shot directly towards you(for example,eggs from regular and mini-military chickens,or the chickenauts’ bullets). Also,if a projectile was originally going towards you(like the eggs from UCO chickens),it will instead be able to home into you(though,it’ll disappear after a few seconds)


OHHH NOOO thats bad, my lives is gone

  • correction: the satellite will not be infinite will only have more ammunition than the other satellites, also its firing rate a little faster than the satellite Bird-Flu Gun, thanks to @Orandza for telling me the failures.


Who? Me?
I just told an idea for a satellite, I didn’t demand anything.


He means me dont worry


What was your suggestion?


Look above i insult the Egg Cannon


LMAO Egg cannon is feeling bad now. How could you!?


What about the Yolk-Star?


Yolk star was great boss. Hard and unpredictable


Yes, I wanted to fight it again, maybe in CIU?


Yes he will be there


memories of vietnam (original:


Yay, he is there. So I can.


The Yolk-Star™ isn’t too hard. The hardest thing about it is that it spawns terminator chickens, but those can be easily killed with a missile. Now, if it were to constantly respawn them, that would be hard.


Still harder then any other final boss.


Truly saying.
I died so many times (atleast 8 in an average) while battling the Yolk-Star (even with Neutron Gun in power levels 60-75).


The terminator chickens, distract you from the lasers and when you focus on them the lasers come to you, the more times I’ve been killed so from the Yolk Star.


Same for me.
I died 12 times (minimum) when battling without missiles.
Minimum 4 times when with missiles.