**NEW WEAPON** Discussion Topic: Absolver Beam

EDIT: Link to the Chicken Invaders wiki page on the subject, updated primarily by @Sammarald:


Hi all,

So, as many of you are aware, this happened:


(credit to @trueuser for image of the gift.)

And I figure a topic where we compile all the relevant information and discuss our experiences with the weapon is in order because this is the first new CIU weapon (unless you count moron railgun or the vulcan rework) and it deserves some attention.

What we know:

  • In-game description: An unstoppable white-hot beam of destruction. Charging the beam increases its damage output from “mildly annoying” to “absolutely lethal” for anything that crosses its path. Just beware of internal heat build-up.

  • The weapon is the first to support a charging mechanic. Hold left-click to charge, release to fire. You can also fire uncharged shots just like any other weapon, though these are pretty negligible in damage.

  • The weapon pierces through pretty much all obstructions (chickens, eggs, barriers, you name it) and does damage to anything in its firing line. Probably pairs super well with a laser pointer hardpoint. @Davoid has also discovered this allows it to completely ignore bubbles from protective bubble waves.

  • A blast can be released at any point during charge, and the more charged the blast is, the more damage is dealt and the wider the area impacted by the beam is. Additionally, at full charge (and only full charge), the weapon destroys projectiles, at any atomic power level.

  • Known affected projectiles include pretty much anything the barbequer will affect, plus some others. Toxic chicken gas, Henterprise fireballs, and various other boss attacks. Some bosses like the Henperor’s Apprentice appear to simply stop their current attack cycle when shot with a full-charge beam. Shooting a Toxic Chicken will a beam on full charge prevents a gas cloud from even spawning. It will not instantly destroy falling UFO debris, although will happily pass through it and deal damage like a regular weapon would, so it tends to clear them anyway.

  • Charging mechanics occur in phases - there are five distinct “levels” of charge as opposed to it being a fluidly scaling increase, and damage is determined by which level of charge it is on. Although it can be difficult to distinguish visually, there are distinct changes in pitch to the charging sound that indicate which level of charge the weapon is sitting on.

  • There appears to be no range limit, nor limit to how many objects can be pierced by the beam, at any charge or power level.

  • Complete list of damage per power level. Appears to increase in damage output with every power level (including 11-20), but doesn’t seem to change in any other way. Damage increase is linear, like Positron Stream:
    EDIT: This list is no longer accurate in v.37, the Beam’s damage has since been increased.

(list by @GgWw1175)

  • Weapon heating works in a unique way: Whenever you press down on the mouse, heat will increase until the weapon is at full charge - then it will remain stable at that heat until you fire. The act of actually firing does not generate heat - but manual fire still counts as pressing on the mouse so rapid-firing the gun generates heat quite fast.

  • Currently the weapon is non-upgradable - this is only temporary.

  • It costs 600 keys in the default store, the most expensive weapon in-game. Has a weight value of 500 and a reactor drain of 450 power units.

  • The weapon is in the same damage buff group as Positron Stream (Special type weapons), making that weapon no longer unique in its category. Details from @Sammarald below:

Perhaps this category is where iA simply dumps all the linear scaling weapons?

  • Bomber-type spacecraft simply fire two beams from the pylons simultaneously, following their usual rules for power-scaling.

  • Collecting a power-up while using the weapon instantly fires the beam at its current charge.

  • And no, Galbatorix is not discussing this in his Rebalance Program, so don’t ask him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Known Bugs:

  • Currently none.

Some simple surveys:
NOTE: These have been closed as the beam has since had a balance update - if you would like to reconduct a poll please post it here or in another appropriate topic. :wink:

What are your thoughts on the Absolver Beam, in general?

  • It’s awesome!
  • It’s good.
  • It’s ok.
  • It’s bad.
  • It’s awful.
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How balanced is the Absolver Beam, currently?

  • It’s perfect.
  • It’s acceptable.
  • It’s too weak.
  • It’s too powerful.
  • It’s too situational.
  • It’s too hard to compare because the other weapons aren’t balanced.
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I will continue to update this post as new findings are made.



Lol I used rectangular selection to remove the background

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Sorry everyone, I messed up on making the first poll public - it’s not letting me edit it for a time limit but I’ll fix it asap. You may-or-may-not have to recast your vote, though?

EDIT: It’s not going to let me fix it, apparently - so that first poll will have to stay anonymous. Sorry all!


It’s ok.
It’s better than my gift image that can be edited in pixel art software

Is this the new texture for the riddler?

But this is not Riddler topic, please don’t

Davoid tested it Chicken Invaders Universe [EARLY ACCESS] - Absolver Beam - YouTube

Now i think about a gift that change your weapon in to Moron Railgun

Boron railgun at 20 power should be orange

Or yellow

I do have a BX-9, so I’ll check later in the evening.

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Check the absolver beam if it fires two beams instead of 1

Will do.

Satisfaction, that’s what it is.


OMG! What about the beam?

Guess who’s the cannon now?
Oh, I’m so weak

It could be considered as overpowered when the chickens clump together and don’t move around quickly. But it’s absolutely worse when they move too fast, and against ufos, is horrible (especially in nasty surprise).

I think that it should get its initial damage increased, so that you can destroy those ufo debris in few spam-click.


You should mention that its damage just increases in a linear way from :zap: 0 to :zap: 20.

There are only five unique charge levels - No charge, 1/4 charge, 2/4 charge, 3/4 charge and max charge.

Damage on :zap: 0 (1/4th the amount on :zap: 20)
100 -> 689? -> 1368? -> 2138? -> 3000

Damage on :zap: 10 (2.5 times the amount on :zap: 0)
250 -> 1722 -> 3421 -> 5347 -> 7500

Damage on :zap: 20 (4 times the amount on :zap: 0)
400 -> 2756 -> 5473 -> 8555 -> 12000

BX spacecraft simply fire two beams from the pylons, so their power levels would be uhh

Damage on :zap: 0 (two :zap: 0 beams)
200 -> 1378 -> 2736 -> 4276 -> 6000

Damage on :zap: 10 (two :zap: 5 beams)
350 -> 2410 -> 4788 -> 7484 -> 10500

Max damage (BX-9 max power -> :zap: 11 + :zap: 10 beams)
515 -> 3548 -> 7048 -> 11015 -> 15450

Oh, and I confirmed that it does belong to the Special weapon group. It deals more damage to It Gets Cold In Space, Blast from the Past, U.C.O. Encounter, Infini-Chicks and regular Barriers (not LV4/Egg), while it deals less to the Iron Chef, the Planetary Egg City and Special Forces.


What about egg cannon

I think it’s meant to be a somewhat awkwardly-balanced thing - excelling and traditionally hard things but failing to address some easier missions. Perhaps now there will actually be incentive to change weapon mid-mission?

Thanks, added all this to the post. I thought the linear damage increase would be obvious from the power chart but I have explicitly mentioned it anyway.

Also, there are very distinct audio cues for the different charge stages apparently, so this is the first weapon where playing without sound (if anyone does that) gives you a distinct disadvantage.

(Weird how much it seems to have in common with Positron Stream, of all things.)