Early Access version 36

Maybe create new sound effect for new weapon, I hear “PAW !” not like this childlike sound


I wonder why the screen shakes seem to be gone


I added the image to the wiki
ok now this looks bad

Moron don’t have a gift

The weapon have a color and is weak duh, but you cant understand what I mean. Just like every single time when I try to explain something to you.

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Okay, I think I got down the weapon’s damage values.
Each upgrade increases its base damage by 15. The damage it deals when fully charged is 30 times that. Well, for the most part, anyway. Some power levels deal 1 less damage than they’re supposed to.

:zap:0: 100-3000
:zap:1: 115-3450
:zap:2: 130-3899 (I assume it’s supposed to be 130-3900)
:zap:3: 145-4350
:zap:4: 160-4800
:zap:5: 175-5250
:zap:6: 190-5700
:zap:7: 205-6150
:zap:8: 220-6600
:zap:9: 234-7049 (I assume it’s supposed to be 235-7050)
:zap:10: 250-7500
:zap:11: 265-7950
:zap:12: 280-8400
:zap:13: 294-8849 (I assume it’s supposed to be 295-8850)
:zap:14: 310-9300
:zap:15: 325-9750
Okay guys, I think that’s enou-
:zap:16: 340-10200
:zap:17: 355-10650
:zap:18: 369-11099 (I assume it’s supposed to be 370-11100)
:zap:19: 385-11550
:zap:20: 400-12000

I’m also pretty sure it’s in the same group as Positron Stream.


Neh, I am working on the final post right now, so I am about to finish WBP in few days. (Maybe more than week) As I said, I don’t plan touching “Absolver Beam”. At least for now.


He probably wants to prove that this is bug.

I understand, absolver beam is a little weird, and it didn’t destroy enemy bullets. Which one it can destroy?

It destroys projectiles (any projectiles that can normally be destroyed by, for example, the Barbequer) only if it’s fully charged.
Note that it can destroy Henterprise’s fireballs, but you have to align the beam with the center of the fireball. Otherwise it won’t work.


From my experience this thing can deal at most ~50000 damage to a single target before overheating, which would make it one of the worst, and that’s on max power with the best heat sink

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Note: It does a small disco sound when holding down.
And then… POW!

No idea. Is your “tone down effects” option on?

I didn’t have it enabled, and this only seems to happen when I have the Absolver Beam. It does shake the screen when it’s fully charged, however the boss explosions don’t.

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Sniper: It’s like Christmas mornin’…

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Ah, right. This is because the beam also creates small shakes, and they probably overwrite the larger ones. Will fix.


Also, while using a Win7 laptop to play with a mini account, there is a bug (I guess) in which the swirl animation for the screen cover-ups leaves a small almost unnoticeable gap in the middle which vibrates a bit vigorously. Has anyone else had to face this problem? Not that it’s worth fixing though…

I had a close look and I can’t replicate this here. It’s probably a graphics card driver bug when dealing with very small polygons. :man_shrugging:

I did think of that. The laptop is pretty old too. Thanks for clarifying!

For my one test game it seemed like sometimes the beam went through enemies without doing any damage. (Once I upload a video I’ll try to point to it)