Early Access version 43.2

If photon swarm is going to be changed like in WBP, isn’t better to change the gift box ribbon’s colour into orange to match how it does?

We already explained.

That’s going to happen after the balance, don’t worry.

Why aren’t there any hints to some Mountable items like “Poultry Payback”, HUD, Invulnerability Extension?

It’s from v.36 and no one notice it?

I thought it was first reported by HaiAn2007

ah yes, I also got that one and I thought Riddler was also remade :b

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What about making them automatically removed if there is only one choice?

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My thoughts:

Let’s start with the weapon changes.

So Plasma Rifle is interesting. It’s only a small change, but it totally transforms the weapon. It is no longer a spam-click; it’s slower but more powerful. It took a bit of getting used to, but once I did, I didn’t find it clunky or uncomfortable at all, like some others have been saying.

Automatic fire is now also viable, although the only reason to use it is that it looks cooler and gives your finger a rest. Manual fire, on the other hand, never overheats, which is an issue because it’s just flat-out better.

On the whole, it’s a definite improvement, but I would almost go so far as to give automatic fire the old manual fire rate. This would make auto fire more powerful but at the exchange of it generating heat very quickly - meaning you use it on automatic until it gets hot, then settle for the slower, unlimited manual fire as it cools down. @1galbatorix1?

Positron Stream is the one really stealing the show here, actually (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say :stuck_out_tongue: ) Having flown a few runs with both it and Plasma, I can safely say that I didn’t find either more or less powerful than the other even though they felt distinctly different are there were definitely situations where each excelled over the other.

Having played quite a bit with the new Lightning Fryer when it came out, I also feel confident in saying that positron feels quite different. With lightning, you are kind of trying to find the sweet spot where the chains ricochet most, but with positron your greatest area of impact is definitely where you point the thing. It’s almost like an AoE beam - it’s really cool, and the visual is pretty awesome, with purple energy tendrils leeching out at the chickens. I really like it.

On the subject of the visual, the beam’s added transparency is nice (and pretty necessary, too) - I thought it would just look like a paler “watered down” version, but instead I think it actually looks better now (although perhaps it and plasma need their gifts swapped because the colours are definitely wrong now). The weird bending effect looks more obvious now, too. I also appreciate that the in-store description got an appropriate update.

Both weapons fair alright with bombers - bombers themselves are still pretty vulnerable but these are among the best candidates for weapons you will want to use with them now. I feel like at high power levels, bombers will do great with them, but just getting a bomber to a high power level is really difficult, so you never really get to experience it unfortunately.

So on the whole, I like the weapon balance changes. Plasma is slightly questionable, because it’s a shade too slow and never overheats, but I feel like my proposed change would fix both those issues. In any case, it now more comfortably fills the niche of single-target mega damage, while Positron distinguishes itself as… well, like I said above, an AoE beam.

The only real issue is that they both make the Lightning Fryer feel even weaker by comparison, although I feel much more confident in saying now that a simple damage buff is all that weapon needs to be “on par” with these two without feeling overly similar.

As for the other changes:

  • “Shoot the Core” is great now - perhaps a bit hard for the lower difficulties, but hits the sweet spot of “hard-but-not-too-hard” for SSH. The powerups now feel like you’ve earned them, as well.

  • Nobody has been talking about it, but the red egg yolks on the “mines” are a big deal and a really effective change in my opinion, much appreciated:

  • Mysterious ship is still frustratingly hard for me - I honestly find the Yolk-Star™ easier than it now, which is kinda sad because I felt it was fine before. Maybe keep the extra lasers for the two upcoming difficulties, and reset this back the old version? Unless it’s just me - any other thoughts on the matter would be good to hear. :wink:

  • I love the quips. They bring an element of “life” to the game and flying wave after wave feels less stale when your little buddy keeps making comments (I like the diversity of things that he/she chooses to mention, as well - medals, respawns, etc).
    My only improvements that come to mind with them:

  1. I found “I’m a killing machine!” to pop up way more frequently and repetitively than the others for some reason (like I got it two or three waves in a row); @InterAction_studios - can we maybe have a tweak for that, or more phrases that could be used in its place?
  2. As @Sufi said I would really love the ability to write my own quips by spending keys.

But all that said, they’re still a great change, and this one in particular had me laughing because it’s basically my entire playstyle:

Post-Script: Not to say everything is definitely fixed, but in all my testing (I played 43.1 and 43.2) I not once had the game crash. So that’s something to note.


I see that the Giant Crab 2.0 lags quite a bit when throwing the third fireball. That has happened several times and it’s getting a bit annoying.

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I just played Daily Challenge and tested the new updates and here’s my opinion:

  • Positron Stream:
    The beam looks more transparent and purple-ish, and the splitting ability actually make it stronger in clustered-enemy waves like rectangular layout, square dancing, overarching chickens, etc…
  • Plasma Rifle: The manual fire rate got nerfed and now spam clicking is super-slooooow but besides it got a damage buff
  • Speech bubbles: It gives me nostalgia, but it sometimes funny. Example: My hero got to the last wave and he said: Get over here! and the U.C.O looks angry: he wants to slap me.

You know,I rather think Positron’s texture should be made smoother.


I hate in magic flute, it rather choose to shoot the portal


When I choose a random message (ex: Daily Chailenge), then go to other category (ex: Notifications) ,that meesage still appear although that is not its category

Chicken Exponentiality: Assassin chick when I hit it with Untensil Poker(normal fork) at normal state it deals 375 damage but at terminator state it deals only 200 ???

Fixed in v.44 :medal_sports: Bug


@InterAction_studios what about this

Read the thread before posting unnecessarily.


Can we have a All Categories to messages?


@InterAction_studios These splats are WAY TOO BIG in 200% zoom