Something weird in "Early Access version 43.2" topic

Notice the first quote

After I clicked the “expand / collapse” button: (notice the first quote)
Why quotes and quoted post are not identical?

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This is becauſe you can actuälly edit a quote in a poſt, as demonſtrated below:

Looks like it was edited, and the first quote preserved the original post

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You can quote someone then edit it, like @Traveller said:

So…you edited them?

Yes I did. It’s pretty useful for quoting locked topics

OK. Thanks everyone

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@anon48763505, could you ſend a link of your original poſt (the one you “quoted”)?

Here you go

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Ok, I figured out how to make it link to the original poſt: in the line that ſays
[quote="anon48763505, post:5, topic:7081, full:true"]
replace the appropriate values for post and topic.
Theſe values can be obtained by going to the topic quoted and ſcrolling down until the poſt you want to quote is on the top.
Copy the addreſs from your browſer addreſs field:
The values you want are topicNum and postNum.

Be ſure to end your quote with a [/quote] tag, and both tags muſt be in a ſeparate line.

Complete quote code (actuälly technically markup):
[quote="anon48763505, post:5, topic:7081, full:true"]
Is this the new texture for the riddler?

I found easier solution: Just open the closed topics.

For now I recommend using the > sign and pasting the text with the link. It’s faster, easier and makes no problems.

now you have to be clever
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Here I did quote him

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