New mode: Lights out!


This mode would make your ship,as well as most parts of the background black. Your weapons,satellites and certain parts of the HUD,like the overheat bar(their sounds would still be there,though) would be completely invisible. Certain enemy projectiles should also be made a bit darker. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

The background could be changed if this one makes it too hard.
Not much else to say here. I hope you like it,and if you think that something should be changed,feel free to say it!

My ideas for CIU

Maybe if it wasn’t completely black, but a bit glossy?


I think it should add something else that would make it more fun,i have an idea for this mode: the level would start with the screen half covered in darkness and the darkness will expand By time ,the thing here is that there would be light scrambled eggs falling from above and you will have to collect them to restore light if you fail to collect the eggs and restore light then the screen will slowly turn black with the enemies leading to your death


Or the ſcreen gets gradually darker.


I’d prefer it if it was just as dark all the time,but sure


I made this up a while ago.

Basically theres light around one specific enemy and everything else except the player and UI elements are completely dark. as soon as you kill that enemy, the darkness goes away.


Would this be like unlockable mode you can turn on/off? Because that would make more sense


Yes. I’m not sure what should be the requirement to unlock it,though


Hmmmm… Keys? :smiley:


Yeah,I mean,how many of them should it require?


i think it should require a specific level to unlock it


A specific level? What do you mean? Like,beating a certain mission?


I think he meant player level since there will be player ranking system


Yes that’s what i meant if you are a low level you can’t play that mode unless you are the required level


Oh right,I forgot about that.


Perhaps that would be a good idea,since an inexperienced player certainly shouldn’t try something like this


Ummm… It ſomehow feels wrong to bar inexperienced players ſolely on the baſis that they’re experienced. Sure, they might not get very far, but that’s no reaſon to not let them try juſt for fun. I think there ſhould be an eaſy to acceſs but hard to beat boſs that you muſt beat to unlock it. That way, if a good player loſes his progreſs, it’s eaſiër to unlock it a ſecond time.


I think that in this game there are no really inexpierienced players since it’s not that hard


As far as I’ve seen,there’s still a good amount of them. Anyways,who knows? Ciu might actually be hard,we don’t know


Yeah,that could work fine.