Mode suggestion: Survival mode

basically it’s like this

(credit to armor gaming)
how it works: you will have a random selection of stages (missions, whatever) into this much percentage:
chicken invasion: 80%
boss rush: 10%
darkness, asteroids, comets, any other stage: 10% (excluding key rushes, and droids)
it will go for 140 missions (0 to 140%)
the items you have will stay forever, it cannot be added (like if you have 2 lives, you will stay 2 lives the entire time)
this resets weekly, or monthly


Endless mode?

Kinda, not endlessly


I think you misunderstood what survival does mean. Survival goal is to survive as long as you can. If you keep surviving then it won’t end. Thus, endless. So in game it’s basically the same thing.

Anyway, there are lots of existing suggestions of this, Marksam showed it.


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