Special mission: Endless battle

A mission that has endless waves (boss wave each 10 waves), each time you clear a wave, the difficulty increases and it can stack beyond 100%

there will be 6 separated missions (and I’ll name it)

Never-ending adventure (trivial): +1% every 4 waves

Endless interstellar highway (easy): +1% every 3 waves

Non-Stop rush (intermediate): +1% every 2 waves

Imperishable nights (hard): +1% per wave

Immortal hens (very hard): +2% per wave

Absolute lunatic (elite): +5% per wave

You start with 2 lives and you can’t equip more extra lives. Once you clear 100 waves, you’ll gain an extra life

All waves are randomly generated and you can only get the trophy if you clear at least 20 waves

You can’t equip skills and you can’t end session


2 starting lives? Seems harsh.Maybe only in hard difficulties. Otherwise, I have nothing to say.

Two is better than one :wink:

Why not?


touhou flashback: lunatic


Endless mode was suggested before, way before v01 afaik…

but such additional features would be nice.

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