Endless Mode (a.k.a Arcade Mode) *New GameMode Idea*

Everyone who knows Chicken Invaders series very well might remember the first game (and I mean DX version) that started it all. The (almost) never-ending gameplay is typical for arcade games, so I came up with the idea of new game mode for Chicken Invaders Universe.

The Endless Mode will have randomized waves of chickens and will get harder as you further ascend. Every enemy chicken from the Every 10th wave will contain random boss based on how many waves you survived (this matters for small bosses from whole series [plus the new ones] and Mother-Hen Ship), but in every 100th wave, you’ll have to fight with big bosses (from Yolk-Star{TM} to Henterprise [plus the new ones]) . This gamemode could be unlockable for 50 Keys.


What about to pay 1000 keys to do upgrades to the spaceship or do your own home-base. The endless mode is not that good because people would like to play strategic game, not game(or mode) that repeat its waves.

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Some people might want to test their skills in endless levels,though. 1000 keys sure is a lot,though

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It could have its own high score that counts not only score, but waves as well.

P.S. If this key value seems to be too high, I can lower that, so everyone will be happy (of course if they like to)

It should be way lower,at least in my opinion. Sorry,I just don’t like grinding for keys

I am very sorry about DAT high key value (1000). I didn’t check out the prices from CI4 and CI5. 50 Keys is final price and when everyone is happy with it or not, I’ll not change it to any higher or lower than 50 Keys.

Well,thank you for changing it

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50 keys makes more sense.
It’s also what you get for completing about 240 waves (or 2 games) which is enough time to know everything about the game in my opinion.

240 waves? Wouldn’t you be able to get that many keys in just 120 waves?

I came back to the 4th game and my skills aren’t the best, so you’re probably right.

Right,in the fourth game,it’s harder than in ci5,since harder difficulties in ci4 don’t increase the rate at which the keys appear,but it still should be possible. At least I think so

I also forgot to mention that I played the mobile version of the game (which is a lot harder)

I personally don’t find the mobile version harder than the PC version.

Everything after ci3 is easy in my opinion. It seems like ci4 dropped in dificulty alot. Juat look at Egg cannon.

On pc I used to click faster than how I tap on mobile.

I think we should get back to the topic of endless mode.

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In my opinion the 4th one is the easiest. I training every week and try to get the medals that i dont have, to be prepared for CIU.

Let’s just hope they make ciu way harder then ci5 and 4. Hopefully they read their fans requests


Some jokers like Bodil40 thinks that CI5 is trash because is ‘‘hard’’ LOL. Look his CI videos if you want. Totally clown.

Speaking of difficulty, has anyone got any ideas why the U.C.O.s were nerfed in the Steam version of ROTY? (Also, was that only in the Steam version, or was it implemented to the original game in an update too?)