Endless Wave

i have a idea which change 120th anniversary to endless wave.
and change cake to infinity pictures.
no mountable features. only 3 lives.
clearing the stage set checkpoint will increase difficulty.
all waves.
Edit:removed poll. Due for more “no” vote



I hated ci1 why its endless ¬_¬, ignoring this, the idea is fine


So with this you can just play CI1 instead, replacing 120th anniversary is too evil

What do you mean “castrating”?

Yes but you should name it better like Endless Chicken Invasion(Invader)

My in-game callsign is Recruit #20.
Known as Travis.

Nice job you has downgraded a jerk level.
Keep up!

Bad english lol, i want said, what I never like ci1 -_-

It’s alright

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