Mod installer and public mods


Have anyone experienced this error while installing a mod? I try to mod in CIU 138.7.3 but it always show up when I open the game.

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That mean, your mod has something corrupted while installing, idk
Try to reinstalling again


Rip. It was this mod that killed the game


Funeral for most iconic mod for anime fans

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Herta want you to take part in her new world in Simulate Universe. The new world is about… uhh… shooting chicken
Download mod here:
Chicken Invaders: Star Rail - Google Drive

This is my 1st CIU mod ever

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How to make your own mods

There were some tutorials made already (the most popular is likely this one by MaybeOrandzaIdk), but I never actually wrote one myself, which I think might clear some stuff up.

The first thing to clarify: there are three different apps (actually more but that’s a story for a different post):

  • One is IAMI (InterAction Mod Installer), which is only capable of installing mods.
  • The other is IAMT (InterAction Mod Tool) which is only capable of making mods. In fact, IAMI is a derivative of IAMT which had most of modding stuff cut out of it, therefore they even share bugs sometimes. “IA” part of IAMI/IAMT was supposed to mean that it was made for most of InterAction studios’ games, but calling it like this turned out to be a terrible decision which will likely be changed.
  • The third app is a wonderful blessing made by Dawid8 — DCIMT. It does what IAMT does, but better, while also having a graphical user interface like normal apps nowadays with some cool extra features. Mods created using it should be compatible with IAMI, at least for now.

Another thing to clarify: there are two different versions of IAMT. Many people know these by “unrestricted”/“full”/“texture” version and “restricted”/“audio” version. The only difference between the two is that some functions are either removed or blocked in “restricted” version. Which functions exactly can be guessed by the name: restricted version was intended to only replace audio files and was published after modders discussed the fact that many people only ask to mod their music in.

Here comes the confusion: when I talk about “normal” IAMT I always mean the full, unrestricted one, so keep this in mind while reading this in case I use this wording by accident. For audio version I often use “IAMTa”.

Now, my “favourite” part, the way of obtaining either of these.

  • IAMI is in the Google Drive folder linked in the main post. If you are reading this it’s likely that you’ve already been there.
  • IAMTa can be found in IAMT Discord server (in #announcements channel), the link to which is in the main post though some people still struggle to find it. The link is also a Google Drive link, in case it’s important.
  • IAMT cannot be found ANYWHERE. At first it was not even supposed to be shared outside of those few people who made enormous modding experiments before any of the aforementioned apps even existed, but as long as those people asked to share it or were fine with sending it to someone, it was done, I was sending them an archive with “the stuff”. Until recently, though. Now I only send changes to those who had already received it before and didn’t share it elsewhere without asking anyone. Those who want to try asking for it are free to test their “trust points” in #mods-fangames of Chicken Invaders Discord.

Descending further into madness.
When downloading IAMT you need to have THREE FILES IN THE SAME FOLDER:

  • IAMT.exe;
  • config.cfg;
  • CIU.iamt_table;

Explaining what the rest are.
The config.cfg file is a set of options for IAMT. Actually, there is one for IAMI, too, but people don’t seem to notice it often…

#Should the tool do backup of dat file before doing anything. 1 - On, 0 - Off

#Should the tool do backup of every last successful replacement. 1 - On, 0 - Off

#Timeout in seconds before crashed CIU will be closed (needed for log file creation)

NOTE: The third option is obsolete as the thing that uses it was rewritten from scratch few versions ago.

CIU.iamt_table helps to get the readable file names from games that use WAD 4 (CIU v35 and higher, CI1 Remastered. YES, CI1 Remastered uses CIU.iamt_table). It is technically not required but it makes your life way easier. This is also what CIU.iami does for IAMI, so if something goes wrong, these two are the first probable culprits.

Here’s how IAMT looks like:

To select a mode you have to type its letter and press Enter and I really hope this question will not be asked again.
If we skip my complaints as to why this UI is terrible, here’s a brief explanation of modes:

  • ‘d’ and ‘e’ are used for manually finding the names in WAD 2/3. One turns text into unreadable byte gibberish, another does the opposite. Pretty useless nowadays.
  • ‘s’ asks for a WAD file (.dat, .dat.hq2x, .dat.222x etc) and displays everything it knows about it. For example, this is how CI4.dat.hq2x looks like:

  • ‘r’ is the quickest way to replace something. It doesn’t create a mod file, instead it replaces everything on the fly. Common usage:

    The file paths like music/quiet.ogg can be retrieved using the ‘s’ mode. If the path is unknown, just enter its hash. If you don’t know what it is, better not to touch this at all :skull:.
    Another, more handy way of using it is by typing “folder” and selecting a folder that is structured in the same way as the WAD you are modding. Here is the same thing achieved using the “folder” mode:

    When you are done, simply press Enter without typing anything. It should show you the list of changes it is going to make:

  • ‘ex’ is self explanatory: you give it a WAD file, it extracts the stuff. However, there are few options. First of all, it can accept the list of files to extract, just like ‘r’, but in this case, as of v3.6.5 and likely all versions before it this thing is broken beyond repair and extracts files from parallel dimension. Therefore, whenever using this, NEVER type there anything, just extract it entirely by pressing Enter. At least this one works correctly.
    Aside from that, the unrestricted (not sure if I changed this ._ .) version is capable of extracting the contents of mod files. This might be useful if you want to update it after a breaking change in the game.

  • ‘u’ oh god… This option is intended to update the CIU.iamt_table file to add the new files. In earlier versions this required crashing the game as many times as many new files there were and it was quite unreliable. Nowadays it takes mere seconds and pretty much works… I hope. I’ve yet to test what could go wrong after the seasonal WADs addition and fix the fact that this mode doesn’t work at all in IAMTa (it should have).

  • ‘ts’ is ‘s’ for iamt_tables. Will be merged with ‘s’ whenever I solve math exams.

  • ‘te’ is intended for urgent table fixes and recovery of those which were broken (e.g. incorrect files amount).

  • ‘ti’ makes CIU.iami from an existing CIU.iamt_table.

  • ‘mc’ is just like ‘r’, except for this time it asks a bit more information and makes a mod file for IAMI instead of replacing everything on the fly. Most of stuff from ‘r’ applies there too, especially the “folder” input.

  • ‘me’ is a clickbait. The only thing it can do is changing name, version and description of a created mod. It doesn’t actually let you edit the contents. I have no idea why it exists and what was I thinking about when writing code for it. If you need to edit a mod, extract its contents and recreate it back with a “folder” option after introducing the changes.

A small tip for modding sounds and music

Everything that is supported by BASS lib is supported by CIU, as it uses the BASS lib. This means that instead of Vorbis OGG files you can also use WAV, MP3 or even AIFF, but you are on your own if you do that as the game is not using anything but OGG files. Some MP3 files don’t work. Opus OGG files don’t work. IAMTa will also reject the files that don’t work.

There might be more posts, this post might be updated. IAMT and IAMI might also be updated. Some day.


Umm, i would like to tell some, i believe sad news for y’all.

I am unable to keep working on this DELUXE mod. I can’t do anything better, most of the stuff doesn’t even look related to chicken invaders n stuff, or drawn at all. Broken frames, this and that, shit i cannot manage well enough. I will continue to draw fanart for CIU but not on this mod.

I’m sorry, im just terrible at modding. :disappointed: