Mod installer and public mods

I’ve backed up all discord-hosted mods into my drive (Raiden’s Catalogue)


My 6th “Super Bejeweled Impact” Update!
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Is there any mod that can bring party like its 2002 music let me know if there is

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im sure many of us have wanted to new game 2021 save earth, so here is the chicken from that! this probably affects many things so have fun


These chickens sure look goofy

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7th Update!
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an unofficial reverse engineer/deobfuscator to modify game data. there should be one official, or you releasing the source code under a free(libre) license for our inspection and assurance, not everyone enjoys executing random files from random people online, and existing in “discord” so, having a git page if you wish to liberate the software would be better and thats my final suggestion

I would gladly do this if I didn’t have to restrict the texture modding. Unfortunately, the only warranty anyone has now is that I’m the 2nd registered forum user ever, I am still not banned hi iIfireIi and that the tool is based on a (currently inaccessible) quickbms script and Sammarald’s researches. Feel free to decompile, deobfuscate it or whatever comes into your mind, just please do not share versions that are not restricted to audio modding.

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Guys help i tried to install weapon reskin mod but the game still uses the same default skin W H Y ?

broken mod or the installer problem

I doubt there was an error during installation.

The only error it says its not found tools thing that idk what is that!

not found what?
you dont tell your full error

Screenshot the error first!

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Can’t find config.cfg. Tool will use default value instead
Is that right?

Or can’t find (file name) in the header?

Yep that one!

You can use the tool without it. But it is weird that you installed the mod and the game uses default thing instead.


Yeah bruh…either IAMI needs an update or idk what am i doing! Like which WAD file do you guys install the mod on?


I did install THERE but NOTHING happens can you belive it?