Mission Creator

Hey guys,

there has been a discussion about creating a wave editor lately. I have a more lightweight idea that increases replayability too, a mission creator. Basically, it is similar to the combining existing missions idea that @InterAction_studios had in mind, but in this editor, you will be able to pick every wave you want and other elements in a “building Blocks” system.

Those building blocks can be:

  • Waves
    – Normal Waves
    – Boss Waves
    – Asteroids, Comets, Retro, …
    – You can set the difficulty for each mission individually
  • Set Music
  • Set Background

–> Total difficulty of mission will be calculated by averaging difficulties of all waves


Well done. This is actually very close to our current vision for the editor: More powerful than a mission-mixer, but less complex than a full-blown wave creator.


This is a feature that I will be hyped for :smile: but first things first. I mean, you’d need full user support for that, right?

Well, it’s not something that we can implement right away. The rest of the game needs to be in better shape first (at the very least we need more mission types implemented).

And, as always, the more popular/wanted an idea is, the more priority we’ll give it in our to-do list.


What mission type are you aiming for next? How high priority do they have? How will you try to make comet chase and supernova missions unique? Did I see it right that there will be a mission type where only bosses appear? That would be interesting!


Regarding those custom missions, they shouldn’t reward points (or only at a highly reduced rate) until theyre approved so people don’t only create “point farming” missions.


For some reason it seems to me that in those missions that have not yet come out, there will be new waves and bosses

I thought you had to buy whith keys the backgrounds for seeing them. And @InterAction_studios, will the Chicken Invaders (DOS Version) background be available?

By buying them you can set the background you want. The default background is just never changing as of now.

I’ve asked them about it earlier, but they said that it’s very low quality (320x200 and 12 colors) and that they can’t make it look good enough.

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Well his idea is quite different than yours. He even said that “there has been a discussion about creating a wave editor lately”.

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This idea is just an easier version of mine

Yes, this is an easier version of your idea. But this way iA can implement it much faster instead of creating a fully fleshed out wave ediot, which will take 2 months at least.

Also, maybe you can go to a poit where you canalso pick concrete enemies that should appear in a wave? @InterAction_studios, will that be possible?

Possible – yes, but also more complex. We’ve noted it and will decide if it’s worth it later.


There should also be a menu that shows what types of enemies appear in the wave and be given the ability to change which type of enemy shows up.

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im sorry can we play this game offline?

No, also open a new topic for that.