Make the positions of the planets more consistent with the rules of physics (Idea #1)

As you can see, in this idea I will try to change the positions of the planets to better suit the reality we live in.
(NOTE: Please do the ideas below in order of decreasing temperature away from the sun but within the range I recommend)
1.Hyper-Inferno, Inferno, Sub-Inferno (400-4800K)
These two types of planets will always be closest to their suns, the temperature of Inferno can range from 400K-2273K (400K to 800K with Sub-Inferno). If the star system has Hyper-Inferno, they will be closer from the sun than Inferno, and has a temperature of 2273K-3000K.
2.Gas Giant near the sun (Hot-Jupiter) (400-4800K)
If there were more of these giants in the group near the sun, they would need much higher heat, between 400-4800K (their thick atmospheres will hold heat well).Environment: Hot (some may have electricity, especially Gas Giant).
Moon: may or may not, if so, they will carry a Hot environment like the planet it revolves around
3.Barren rock, alien world and terran planet (150-400K)
These planets are located in the habitable zone with temperatures from 150K-400K, in order of increasing distance are barren rock, alien world and terran planet. The temperature gradually decreases to 150K the further away from the sun.
Environment: Electric (appears in some)
Moon: May appear in some.
4.Gas giant in the habitable zone (150-400K)
Environment: Lightning (appears in some)
Moon: Yes (some may have life)
5.Sub-frozen and frozen (60-150K)
Because they are so far from the sun, these planets have very low temperatures, only 60-150K. Frost appears, the temperature decreases as you get further from the sun
Environment: Frost (gas giant can have lightning)
Moon: Possibly, if present, they will bring icy environment.
I hope @InterAction_studios will take a look and leave a comment to help make the game a bit more physically plausible.Thanks for watching


So, i must say, this idea will once again force iA to recaculate the physic and of course, make the map way bigger. But this is a nice idea so why not ? :smiley:
Bonus: Electric environment can be appeared when gas giants rotates around itself too fast, causing air friction and boom, lightning everywhere.


they’d look real good


if we’re going the realistic route then the planets will be specks compared to the stars

sometimes suspension of disbelief is just necessary


And i also haven’t reminded to the special place like Aftermarket, heroware,… They aren’t evenly distributed


I like that gas giants near the sun you named it Hot Jupiter.


Ya. And i thought that those gas giants should have a desgin being suitable for its temperature, postion…

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I had a look at your idea and, although it’s well thought-out, I won’t make any changes to the galaxy. I have indeed made some recent changes to make the numbers appear more physically plausible, but what you are proposing is a restructuring of the galaxy. Some objections I have with this:

  • The game already does some basic temperature calculations based on distance (so planets farther out are indeed colder on average)
  • For gameplay reasons, I need a certain percentage of planets of each type to be present probabilistically (e.g. 10% of planets need to be frozen), because that affects environments, which affects mission types. Your proposal would make it impossible for a small star system to contain a frozen planet, which would heavily skew these probabilities.
  • In reality, temperature also heavily correlates with atmosphere and not just distance.
  • Practically, changes to the galactic structure are hard to make and might lead to another galaxy reset.
  • There’s a limit to how “physically plausible” the galaxy needs to be. CIU is at heart an arcade shooter, not a space simulator.

That would be kinda cool though


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