Back 1: Bug-reporting spammers (Dissing)

Hello everyone. It’s C0mplex.
Today, i will tell about a problem in the forum, that has been severely recently.
That is, there are many people try to find “bugs”.
Normally, it’s good. With ideas, there are also bugs and iA need to fix it. No one should complain that.
But the thing i want to say here is that TOO MANY PEOPLE start digging bugs and repeatly report it. Some bugs are not even real and has been confirmed by iA before that it is a feature.
If everything is just about finding bugs, i will be calm, but the situation made iA not concentrating on the ideas people gave to the forum. Just look at the top topics right now. All is about bug, while topics about idea are just abadoned. The fact here is i don’t want to stop people finding bugs, but the players with creative minds start feeling like being abadoned and forgotten.
Please iA, if you see this, i want to tell you that there was an idea that has been concentrated by you once, but later on when i asked you, you said “I don’t remember what your idea was”

When i first joined the game and the forum, i was really impressed and highly respected you, iA, for letting everyone post ideas and help iA makes the game being better.
But now, i somehow feel very disappointed and frustrated. Why haven’t i seen you anywhere in the recently idea topics ?
Please, i don’t want this game being stuck at the edge of being dropped. For a childhood game franchises that i really love, i can’t accept that fate.
Please concentrate more on the idea topics, and remake the League. Leave/Rejoin League as i said many time, is just a temporally solution.


i agree with your opinion because someone are search bug to get the medal and this is a reason iA don’t care some idea in forum


Agree. My current idea can be done later, but iA says no and probably thinks that the rules of the game are more important than the physics, that the game can be weird no matter what, it makes it feel unreal any. Make the positions of the planets more consistent with the rules of physics (Idea #1)


someone even pointed out that the absolver beam placement is 1 PIXEL wrong. :yawning_face:


Yeah, that’s really akward and triggered for me

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i agree c0mplex, i agree.

game getting boring, needs new stuff

the features dont get added much, and thats the reason i play minecraft instead now


If iA still not care about the idea-creator community, then more and more idea creators will leave the game. I spend €6,99 for the CHL because i believe that iA will continue his charming game franchise and success like before, but now what did i receive back ?

you got the chl tho


But a bad game ? Nah ah i’m not that retard. I spent because i considered it as donation for iA, but if he create a bad game then i will regret my life choices :slight_smile:

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iA is actually adding ideas he like in a list.
First, he was giving ideas that are on his list a heart, but he stopped that for some reason.

iA is apparently doing another stuff secretly such as Klaus and the Superiority space crafts.
Also, adding new stuff releases tons of bugs.

iA is probably leaving everything for its time; remember that one version that was filled with many wave ideas that got added?

Finally, iA is busy fixing critical bugs that needs to be fixed in before moving for some new features. As I said, iA is probably leaving everything for its time.


Speaking about refund, steam doesn’t support refunds, so no.

I don’t ask for a refund at all, i consider it as a donation for iA. His game is good, i admit, but at least he can give a proper reply to ideas. Even if he deny, i won’t mind much and keep going on


The fact here is a proper reply


Anything in CIU now getting more tedious and terryfing. This problem may become one of the causes for the death of CIU in the future…

The fact here is there is no pioneers in the game, need new stuffs

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Finally, it’s still a wasteland…

I agree with your point. CIU is a platform that evolves by the input of ideas from those who play the game. I have noticed that well respected pilots have not posted. I find that postings are not very creative in the chat room. @C0mplex thank-you for your post. CIU is a great game and we pilots can help to make it better, iA has let us do this. Be well all…


It’s a freedom of speech place, anyone can or may say what they think

Some people may not be awared, but this is a playground welcomed to everyone.

Ideas have to go through a rough period of checking and verifying and implementing, blah blah. It’s unable to be sure that ideas may help, nor were a minority of them haven’t been dedicated much, or maybe because it might had taken a while before it gets accepted

iA’s got other things to do, like all of us.

Oh and, friendly reminder, the game is still in early access, anything can become worse or better

Nevertheless, it’s up to you (as to everyone) to decide to play it and may contribute to help the game.


Happy now?


Not yet ngl, but at least iA can keep that pace