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So the new Ironman challenge is up and available to fly. Figured it probably deserved a single consolidated discussion topic because people will be talking about it a lot.



In-Game Description:


  • Unique Mission Type (Ironman)
  • Max Difficulty (100%-100%)
  • Skills cannot be mounted
  • Heavy environmental hazards
  • New challenge every 11 days
  • Can be flown multiple times
  • Boss fights spawn two bosses at once (“Double Team”)
  • Only available to CHL owners
  • First place on the leaderboard gets 900 keys

Well, I’m about to give it my first flight. Wish me luck!
Goodbye healthy win/loss record


Daily Mission (Hard): Who are you?
Ironman competition: I’m you but harder


I’m going to do this with 1 live on H&C101. Managed to beat 10/50 and was met by this

Sweater chicken has the same speed as it had when it got added, so basically this entire mission is v10.1 mode.


Deadly Cowards


I completed the mission, and I lost 6 lives. It was an epic mission indeed :wink:


Is ironman free to play?

You need the chl, but it’s free for now


Only CHLs can play?


My best run so far (I’ve had two, first got messed over by the Ion Blaster drop in the Corridor Shooter…) looks like this:

(Four :heart: equipped)

I feel like I could beat this comfortably, except for the environmental effects. That’s really what skyrockets this from “hard” to “brutal” in my opinion. Dodging enemy patterns can be hard, but dodging between unpredictable lightning bolts at reduced movement speed is insane. Plus there’s faster overheat, too.

It is Ironman though, so that’s to be expected. I’m wondering how many keys it will reward the winner… hopefully a handsome sum, to compensate the expensive loadouts you might need to earn a placement. I can’t afford to keep sinking keys into it, so if I fly again I’ll probably go light on the equipment and watch my deaths per hour statistic skyrocket. :joy:

@VerMishelb - are you doing a full unequipped run, or just 1 life + other perks? (And have you had any luck yet? If so, I might as well stop trying. :joy:)


Man, I was not ready for this difficulty!
It’s way over my skills and greed.

I think I will complete ironmen challenges the old fashoned way: youtube


Soooo, still want to say that cowards are just flawed after that? :smirk:

I’d say they’re just pure BS in ironman.

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I’d actually already made the run when I posted that comment, aha.

I think they’re bad whenever, Ironman or no.

(And I actually died to the UCO’s on that run)

i will commit war nono

Yay my best run so far


It was harder than what we were thinking! Even if you use SSH in a %100-100 mission, they won’t be so tough and fast. Projectiles of enemies in Ironman competition are so freaking fast, specially bosses. They are die hard chickens and can’t be killed so easily. Eggular item saved me from some attacks. It’s already the only way to not lose.

Tried 3 times and lost 9 lives.

Well, anyone can defeat me. :sweat_smile:

Let’s be honest: IA made some waves easy, otherwise, no one could pass it.


I will enter the competition but after my exams

My first attempt, I used my level 0 Absolver… It’s not that bad until I suddenly picked Corn. Uh oh… I’m dead at the first boss.


Yeah, the first double team was pain in the hole.

How many end session times get you disqualified at Ironman:


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Okay so I finally flew it and I got some notes:

  1. Double team are the hardest, some bosses when they came together they’re just unfair like infinity chick + Crab V2.0 & Sweater Chicken + Party Time, they need either the screen to zoom-out more or less projectile speed. So what do you think:
Please before voting make sure you flew the waves above:
  • Screen should zoom-out more.
  • Projectile speed should be reduced.
  • None.

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This change will apply to some bosses only like Space Crab 2.0 and Sweater Chicken.

  1. The last boss was just bruh, it was so easy with only Big Chicken. I think there should be 2 Big Chickens instead of only one in Double Team, but on the other hand if it came with Iron Chief then one is enough. What do you guys think:
Make sure you played all waves before voting:
  • 2 Big Chickens should appear.
  • 1 Big Chicken should appear(default).
  • It should be random(between 1&2 Big Chickens).

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  1. About lighting: it has a good thing and a bad thing:

    • The good thing is that when it happens at the end of a wave it saves you some time to collect the food, so get a higher chance of earning the medal and to save your progress too.
    • The bad thing is that you you’re in a corner and there are bullets coming at you the lightning can block your way get you destroyed.
  2. If you’re not using Plasma then you’re screwed with Cowards. Now that’s the true gatling gun.

I think Ironman should should be given to the players who haven’t bought CHL to punish them for not buying it because it is real hell. This is a joke don’t take it srsly.

Also after I play it I think it needs more than 5 days to clear, 7 days are good.

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