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Oops, I voted but haven’t gotten through all the waves yet. You can ignore that if you want.

Nah, it’s ok, I knew you’ll pass it soon :wink:

Omfg my heart

This mission made me realize how BS cowards are, therefore all I used was my Plasma Rifle


Here’s my score, by the way


my new record

with 26 extra lifes and 3 jets

this wave was the real hell for me :fire:


Aaaaand finally done!! YES!!! After over 7 attempts (most of them got ruined by accidental wrong weapon pickups because of drops, and one of those attempts had me failing on 50/50 yesterday at night and losing all of my lives ;-;), It’s finally done! At this attempt though, I lost only 5 lives and I made a full-plasma run because you know, cowards and their bs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ And just like what the others said, It’s harder than expected! Here are my results:

  1. But, as usual, only disconnections after damaging an enemy count towards this total.

That fireball throw was so fast.

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Hey iA, can you take a look at these polls:

  1. Most people wants Ironman after 7 days only.

  2. Most people wants Cowards to be removed.

  3. Is the screen gonna zoom-out more at some bosses like Sweater Chichen? Because it’s almost impossible(I assumed you checked the 2 polls above).


well ironman after what?!

Most people wants it after 7 days, also check this bug:


okay bro

Alright everyone I tried a 2nd time. This time I actually overheated A LOT in order to get higher score and less dying I didn’t die at wheel of fortune thankfully this time. Anyway here’s my final results that I’m actually proud of this time: and that intermediate medal of course :wink:

I died 3 time only and those were at the first 3 bosses. Boss 1 & 3 are just impossible to survive without at least dying once, but at boss 2 I fell into the laser trick were the UCOs are not near each others and attack eventhough I didn’t die at my 1st time.

Idk I might try again because of that 2nd boss.

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I’ve beaten Boss 1 without dying, on my second attempt (And I haven’t even beaten the challenge itself yet!)

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Lucky for you. Did you focus on a specific boss or just shoted randomly at both of them I did the second one? I always die at the of the battle at these 2 bosses.

I focused on the Cold in Space boss quite deliberately. Party Time shoots projectiles at a constant rate, at a constant speed, whereas Cold in Space does periodic bursts at unpredictable speed (and distribution) so it’s by far the bigger threat. Once it is gone the other one is easy.

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True. Also at boss 3 there’s gonna be Space Crab V2.0 and 1 Infinity Chick coming from the left and its projectiles are very fast too, so I’d like to know which one you’ll destroy first?

Also the Big Chicken at the 2 last bosses needs some health buff, it can be destroyed easily. There should be 2 instead of only one.

I’ll need to see for sure once I actually get there, but at this stage I’m absolutely planning to focus on Space Crab. Target Projectiles + AoE is way more critical to eliminate than random projectile bursts, and it drops powerups too.

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I really hope complete the whole mission. Now that I think about it could there be lightning in hot places I’m not talking about CIU?

Especially the space crab 2.0 throws suns at you just like in 10.1