From Ironman challenge difficulty to coward's rework

  1. Firstly, Is this game a bullet hell game?
    No, this is a shoot ‘em up game. But the harder part of the game is equivalent to bullet hell in my opinions, the only difference is that bullet hell games have unnecessary amount of cloned projectiles to create great visual impressions, create tight spaces, and most of them don’t affect gameplay directly, while our game requires faster reflex and lightning fast path finding skill in general. In ironman challenge the space is always tight with up to 3 lightnings at the same time and with the additional massive environment debuff, making the challege even harder than most normal bullet hell games in my opinions even if we ignore huge projectile speed buff and bosses’ madness. I can say that because i watched many pros play the challenge.
    -> Ironman challenge is harder than bullet hell games, which are very hard. Some works should be done on some part of its, which is discuss below.

  2. So yeah, the speed buff is a bit crazy to add isn’t it?
    Not really, double eggs and chick waste can reach godly speed in normal mission (SSH), almost guaranteed to kill you if you’re looking a bit far of your ship and/or your muscle doesn’t jump on time. Many times my unprepared runs were ruined because of one chick decide to piss with the speed of sound in my face me while i was trying to clear them, in a totally relaxing wave. I’d say the coward wastes in ironman challege is easier because you know when and where they’ll go, not counting the numbers. I think ironman aside, the bullets in the game should have a limit on how fast they can be. Regarding ironman, the only broken non-boss unit is coward because of their bullet speed on top of auto-aim mechanic and go-in-group behaviour. With the bonus of lightning and massive, player without plasma/absolver can only fire when they are at a safe enough distance, which is unrealistic. Other units are managable in my opinion.
    -> Bullet’ speed should have a limit.

  3. Eh why care when you can bring plasma so you can kill coward in one shot?
    As I said coward is a very broken unit in the game for a long time. Its waste speed should be reduce a bit in my opinion. A balance for weapons to coward should also be done too! Each coward should be able to fire once, only before they die. It’s incrediblely unfair for some weapons to trigger coward 2 times while plasma straight up delete it. Absolver is the exception here because it uniqueness, and yeah absolver don’t deserve a nerf.
    -> Coward should be reworked.

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not really

It’s basically what Luna said but with your words.

i don’t even read it. as long as iA understand, nothing matters.
Edit: i read Lunar post, she talked about what changes and what matters, but mine is different. I have my view of the whole game include ironman, and my solutions are different.
Edit2: I think you guys misunderstood. My solutions are not apply to ironman but the whole game. The challenge is totally fine imo.

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