I'm retracting my weapon ideas

Due to various (mostly one, but eh) reasons, I have decided to fully retract this some of my submissions (Pulse Cannon and Krypton Phaser, Krypton Phaser V2, Close range stream (+ Pulse Cannon and Krypton Phaser redesign and rebalance)). This means that, if at all, they will likely be implemented in a vastly different form than originally suggested. If they are implemented, I as the creator no longer desire medals for any ideas that are included there.

@InterAction_studios, please do not use any original assets (anything that wasn’t a recolored version of an in-game sprite) that are included in the posts linked above. I’d also prefer if you didn’t use the names of the weapons (“Pulse Cannon” and “Krypton Phaser”), if possible.
I only lay claim to the aforementioned content. You are, of course, free to make use of the general concepts, if you so desire.

The posts themselves will remain as they are, as I do not have permissions to delete or edit them.


Why, they were pretty interesting.


Wait, why? They were great!


@GgWw1175 No man, these weapon ideas are awesome and epic.

As I said, IA is free to use the general concepts, I can’t prevent him from doing so. He can even use my exact values (however bad they may be), if he wants to. I just don’t want him to use my names (though I can understand if he does) and my assets.


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