Early Access version 65

No, is a new one. But it only triggers when using CI5 Victory Music as normal wave music. Outside that is all fixed

Wait… I think it’s my bad

Ok, so how exactly is it misbehaving? You’ve set “CI5 Victory” as wave music, so all waves play that. What happens when you get to the boss? It should either fade out the music and start the boss theme, or continue playing if the boss also uses CI5 Victory.


Thanks, iA. Did you read this one:

Can you add UCO-4 at Meteor Storm too?

Yep, this error is on my side, forgot to swap “CI5 Victory” out of Boss music. I’m really sorry :sob:

Bottom of the post - I suggested this a long while ago (having “Shoot the Core”, “Mysterious Ship” and “Twice Infinity” as alternate bosses for those missions) (this was also back when Feather Field missions did not exist) and I am not getting the idea medals for the bosses. Instead, three people are getting them just for suggesting it more “recently”.


having balloon chickens in mirrored Spiral of Doom waves is kinda dumb since they just fall down when you hit them

I know, it’s happened to me too. You should get a medal, but we deserve the medal since iA noticed/added because of our suggestions too.

It’s not the only one, they should fall according to player’s gravity not only down, plz iA do it.

Since the recipient will be able to see the darer’s score in v66, can you make it so that they can see the mission’s waves, just like the darer can?

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Skill (Veteran or above) controls whether these zones are shown or not, not difficulty.

That seems… random. What’s the justification?

Medal shared.

That’s still a no.

I was thinking of it as a balancing trade-off. The person who goes first gets to choose the waves, but the person going second knows what the score target is. Dunno – poll it.


Well you added:

So I thought if you added UCO #4 at Meteor Storm since it’s was at CI3.

I don’t think he need to since most people will chose for it to be revealed but ok:

Should waves be revealed to the recruit that are dared:
  • Yes.
  • No.

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Ok. Added to v.66


Now you made my day once again :wink:


It still seems a bit of a random justification but I also mentioned this once at the bottom of my post here:

According to @Kylo-Hen in one of the post’s replies, it wouldn’t make sense for people new to CiU that U.C.O. 4 specifically shows up in Meteor Storm unless they have the context from the episodes, but maybe it would work better if all types of U.C.O. could show up instead? Which is why that’s seen in my post now.


Does it appears in weekly challenge too?

How it works?

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It prevents them from using cheat engine

I think so.

It’s related to a few issues I found if someone manages to get player ID numbers


So does the Bossa Nova,Henlley’s Comet, and Feather Brain Bosses still appearing in those missions?