🌎 How to translate the game

@InterAction_studios If the translator’s name field ended up being unused, why is it still in place?
(And is the translation of demo texts and game description going to be used?)

After having some discussion in CID, can the highlighted text from the player itself be yellow, even for CIU and even if the high-contrast mode is on? Yellow is very visible by itself and this
is quite unnoticeable. Besides, it seems to confuse people, as every other highlighted text was yellow.
I was also mentioning an issue with the current default font colour having too little contrast with default buttons by definition, so either of these should probably be changed.

Just to prove the point, compare the contrast from v5 with the current one:



I’m assuming you were logged in using the same game account both times?

If this happens again, do not make any changes, but rather DM me immediately so I can have a look.

Fixed in v.140

I’m working on this

I’ll add this

A couple of months, at least. I’ll notify well before the translations are “frozen”.

Fixed in v.140

It might be needed in the future, when official translators are selected

I’ve removed some unnecessary upsell text, but the rest will be used. There will be changes to that section until CI2U comes out, so don’t bother too much with it yet.

Changed in v.140 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.140 :medal_sports: Idea


It was entirely my fault. I broke the formatting, therefore the line didn’t save, then it decided to show me the “Approve existing translation” button, perhaps because the existing translation is empty.

Give the medal to Madder, he is the one who had issues with highlighted text, trying to understand why it is not yellow.


Best news I’ve read.:fire:

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Madder, that’s his in-game callsign. He is in CID only.

Ok, done.


I’ve also created a separate post about official translators here: 🌎 Official translators wanted

Questions/discussion about that should be posted here.


i seem to have found a few bugs currently present in the translation menu:

  • on the “Recently seen (all)” menu, if one makes a translation for a string that wasn’t previously translated, scrolls to another page, then scrolls back, the newly translated string will have the “Approve existing translation” button next to it as if it was created by another player. This doesn’t appear to happen with any of the other menus, although I haven’t tested it for the Related menu
  • when opening the translation menu during a mission, upon closing it the player ship gets teleported to wherever the cursor was upon closing the menu, potentially causing a lost life
  • highlighting text seems to be buggy, and often doesn’t work at all, though I’ve been unable to figure out any patterns to when it works and when it doesn’t or how to cause the bug

It is possible that you have not included the exact amount of |, $ and ^ characters in that phrase. See if there is any error below the translated phrase’s field after clicking on it, and follow its instructions.

Known. Pause the mission beforehand.

Also known:

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The last time that happened to me it was a formatting error, I put an incorrect amount of the pipe | characters. Check your lines for this.

Pretty sure this was a known thing. There is also that annoying issue that “capture mouse” doesn’t let you move the mouse all the way down to the bottom field. It’s still clickable, however.

Do you have the high contrast mode enabled?


I don’t know how I was missing that all that time and I could not find whether it was reported because “the search item is too short”, but apparently you can’t translate kg and km.


oh yeah, that might be it, tried doing it again and it only happens on strings with $ and | characters

i think i remember it happening with the regular pause menu at some point in the past too, don’t think i’ve seen it reported for the translation menu as well though. it’s not on the known bugs list at least, but i haven’t looked through all of the replies in this thread

i don’t, but by highlighting i meant highlighting text with your cursor to copy-and-paste it between different strings, not bolding it for ingame appearance - i guess the bug could just be on my end though since i haven’t found any ways to cause it

Oh, so selection is broken. I thought that was my mouse acting up, because it’s a bit broken and I could not select a part of some line in the past.

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oh alright, that confirms it’s not just on my end then. how or why is still unknown though - for me sometimes it works just fine and sometimes it doesn’t work at all

@InterAction_studios Is it possible that main translators have a special logo like CHL?

Is the fact that you are displayed in the credits not enough?


It was just an idea… But I agree with you.

Fixed in v.140.3

Fixed in v.140.3

Ensure that the field has focus first – selection won’t work otherwise.