🌎 How to translate the game


This seems to be the only line in entire CI5U that has a space after “…”.

And this one has two dots.




@InterAction_studios Translations have problems with every update. Some translations don’t apply. It’s better to have a translator do the final approval of the translations after the release of the DLCs.

I thought I was drunk. Two days ago I went through half of CI5 and there were few that just didn’t count as edited (it was fixed after the second try, though).


Translations need final approval… Some translations are not applied, others are.

What I meant is, even though I edited the entire CI5 section, some of those lines that didn’t have any text at all before I wrote them were shown as “Approve the existing translation” the next day.


This is a Discord server to help translators of different languages communicate in an organised manner, because using forum private messages for that is quite impractical. Each language/country has their own category with four channels:

  • general;
  • discussion (anything related to translation);
  • problems (keeping track of issues with translation that were not corrected);
  • choice (seeking help with choosing the best translation, especially after corrections);
    Plus an English international category to discuss things together.

Yes, I have already posted this in chatting place, but back then it was barely configured and the server invite link was temporary. Now it’s more usable.


I will could try to translate as possible in Thai

With the upcoming remakes of older games, would be possible to update links to translations of CI5 and CI4, since they don’t work anymore (at least for me)?. And also, is it possible to include excel tables for CI3 translations (assuming CI3U is next on the list)?

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while we’re at it, i’d prefer to have official translators for these, knowing they won’t receive major updates like ciu in its current state

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After the translation of the DLCs is finished, can the main translators be selected?


The space should not be there, in the beginning.

We need this… Some certified translations are wrong

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I was going straight from start to end, without missing a single entry, without disconnecting and without crashing. These lines were not saved.

After I finished fixing the missing translations I can surely say that CIU is haunted, makes fun of me and likely lives in my walls. I have redownloaded the transition on my phone to check what I have done and this particular line refused to save. Again.
My mistake. Twice. Did not pay enough attention to the pipes.


You can, actually. The UI, if its colour scheme was changed (e.g. lighter text instead of the default one), will snap back to default look as soon as the connection is lost.
If I already said that, sorry, I’m forgetful.

This section doesn’t mention the brackets [[thing]] to highlight text that’s not highlit in the original translation.


I encountered this on BETA, but the game just crashed itself. It happened when I deleted the excel translated file while the translation screen still up.

If I recall, translating beta is worthless work in general as it won’t be saved after the transition to release.

On other topics, how much time do we have to work on episodes translations? I’m generally concerned about CI5 because I know it still requires quite a number of fixes.


That’s why I mentioned about Excel file.
Starting the time when CI5 was ported, we have to first translate it, then export to an Excel file for
1: Faster copy/paste when translate outside the game
2: Maintain the entire new phrases for later translation.
3: Faster approvement for official release. You know, disruptors are exist.

…“There’s always a store less than a 10 parsecs away from you!”…

There shouldn’t be an “a” before the length value. Credits to @DePeeper for finding out about this.