🌎 How to translate the game

it still seems like it occasionally breaks - upon starting the game selection works fine, but at some point it stops working and doesn’t fix itself until I restart the game
I haven’t gotten any screen recordings of it, but I did get this screenshot from last time it happened

after this point, I was unable to select again until a restart. this was on the beta version (been using that so I can test CI3U and CI5U translations, exporting them once finished), but I’ve had the issue on the stable version too, this instance happened while translating while playing through CI5U, and I’m playing through Proton (perhaps that’s the cause? I’ll see if I can get the same issue running the game natively on Windows)

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okay, did some more testing and I think I figured out what’s going on - selection breaks if the player opens the translation menu in the middle of a mission, without pausing it beforehand. It resumes functioning if the player closes it, pauses the mission, then reopens it, but it always breaks if opened during an unpaused mission. Tested it and it happens across both Windows and Linux, and tried on two different computers and it happens on both, so def not a bug on my end or Proton-related

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Ugh. Acknowledged, but it strangely only happens in the release build of the game, but not the debug. This is going to be a pain to fix – on the list. As a workaround, pause the game first whenever you need to copy-paste.


well unsupported
example of ci3 font

can you make the ci3, 4 and 5 fonts support vietnamese?

I’ll check with this fonts CI episodes in my Arabic language.

Even if does support letters of Arabic and Farsi and urdu too.

yup it supported but some of missing one…

the wave title is so big in my arabic on CI3U 4U 5U should be reducing a little bit?

also the Farsi too.

example the twice letters “ع” “ج” are missed on bottom.

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But unfortunately the text animation of my Arabic language in CI episodes are not allowed.

iA should change this arabic font bro, it’s kinda ugly and not suitable for the game :confused:


No need to change the font. It just needs to be a little smaller.

It’s a obvious way to see the suitable candidate for read title, then no need to change anyway.

Fixed in v.140.4 :medal_sports: Bug

@VerMishelb Has provided extensions to the CI3 font that should support this in v.140.4+


i almost forgot to translate the digits, it did not changed.

Hint: Settings->Graphics->Graphics Advanced

Is there a specific number look in your language?


No. Even I checked many times to getting translate it but no exist of this option resolution numbers.

Um, you got the reply wrong… are there specific number designs IN your language’s numbers? Like, are they written in some different way?

Just asking, not saying that you’re wrong or anything

This is a quick look on how Western and Eastern Arabic numerals are visualized.

I’m certain he wants the resolution numbers to match that of the eastern numerals, like how the scores (and the rest of the Arabic language) is set up.


Interesting :thinking:


Sorry, I don’t know what is “specific” of numbers. My brain is blown me up.

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Understandable bro, no problem

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