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RNG. However, it can be solved by having the server sync the fixed enemies in the competitive mission.

This is another case of dynamically-spawned enemies throwing the RNG off sync. You’ll note that the first batch of supporting enemies was identical, but one of them was a UFO saucer (which ejects pilot).

But I have an idea on how to fix this, at least for this particular boss.


There are some case that cause diffrent gifts, though they are not the “dynamically-spawned enemies”

In this video, from “Over the Rainbow” wave, those Metal-suit Chickens aren’t the “dynamically-spawned enemies”. While the left side dropped Plasma and Boron, the right side dropped Plasma and Photon (also the enemy that bring Plasma gifts is also different, but i think this case is similar to the Firepower case, which i told before).

You won’t forget “The Yolk Star” or “Dr.beaker”, right?

This is the same as the previous case (GEN Discussion/Feedback - #9 by Knightcap). Gifts also have a per-wave limit, similar to atoms. More enemies carry gifts than are allowed to be dropped, so it depends which enemy you kill first. In the video, the two players start at opposite ends of the rainbow, so this is expected.

Ah, right. Update: I see Dr. Beaker already has this fix applied. :astonished:

Fixed in v.145 :medal_sports: Idea


The energy fences require more simultaneous sound playbacks that are allowed by the sound engine, so some channels are dropped. In this particular case, it seems the right side requested sound first, so it occupied all of the channels for itself.


No no. I don’t mind to that, actually. I want to tell you this: Just like the case in “Over the rainbow” wave above, the enemies should bring the same gifts as together, whoever it is. For example, If the left side drop Plasma and Boron, then the right side should be Plasma and Boron, too. Not Plasma and Photon. My mean that enemies should bring the same gifts, i don’t mind which enemy is carrying a gift, since you explained the Firepower case to me before.

See my image once again, one side is Boron, one side is Photon. And yes, they aren’t the “dynamically-spawned” enemies.

I understand now. Ugh, this would be a very complex change internally. Don’t hold your breath.


I’d like to suggest letting GEN turn off Stereo Panning (Or play the sound on Mono) for some particular SFXs, but welp, it for sure will required more time.

Would be interesting is GEN uses player’s color instead of using lime and orange

If 2 players have the same color with each other or background then pick a random color for either 2 players

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I was thinking the same thing, but I think that, depending on what the GEN records, I can live with one theme being used for the recordings, as seen in previous videos.

Showcasing the “hidden” Retro missions… That could be a way to encourage people to find a wormhole themselves. If Arnold (I’ll be Back!) would appear in a highlight, that could be another push.


I wonder why i don’t see the Bracket 1 of Semi-Final

Bandicoot got disqualified because of the disconnection

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It already does that. Left player’s audio is panned full left, right player to the right.



Player dies, but no throwing texts?

I’m experimenting with two new types of highlights video:

  1. Multiplayer games (this is deliberately uncommented)
  1. “Epic” waves

i see a lot of the deaths in the 4th highlight are just people who aren’t moving which isn’t very exciting, maybe that should be penalized