CIU version 144

I watched the shorts and noticed that all sorts of indicators (score, boss health) remain in place and it looks strange. Why not make the indicators fit in with the camera.

i can’t see the player kill a chicken
i thought the camera should be at where the player is shooting


unnecessarily long. not reading all of that

and put some spaces between paragraphs for crying out loud, unless you want to cause a headache within some readers


And more, just killing a big chicken while the wave still haven’t over yet. This is so weird.

However, i have a special thing for this wave. If the player kill 2 Big Chickens or more in a short time in this wave (only this wave, i think), that could be recognized as a “hightlight” video. I don’t know that can iA do this in a specified wave or not?

simple: filter multiple bosses waves too

The problem is partly that “skill” is not as clearly defined objectively as “boss defeated” or “player died”. It’s very hard to look at wave statistics and decide whether something interesting happened there. I am tweaking the algorithm on a daily basis to try and improve the situation. Speaking of which, there won’t be any “skill” highlights today because I made yesterday’s criteria too strict and nobody made the cut. :grimacing:

The other issue is that highlight video are primarily made to entice new players, and in that respect it doesn’t really matter if it really is the best-of-the-best.

I considered this, however on portrait mode there isn’t enough space horizontally to fit everything in. I could have a custom HUD for videos, but that would take considerable effort.

I’ve made some changes to the camera panning algorithm to improve this.

I’ve now removed this wave from videos.

I don’t collect enough data to do this currently, but I’ll look into it for v.145.


ia in barriers to sucsess wave, that 3 satlites at right side are too close

Improve your English, please. Not require you good at it, but at least you can make people can read what are you writing!


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Just to clarify, both of you are lacking the necessary English knowledge. @Knightcap and by saying that, you’re not contributing to making his English more pronounced/profound, and that goes to everyone here.

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i agree that my english is not very complete because im still studying it and its not done

I tried to improve it by myself, though it isn’t well as i think, which you can know that. At least i’m still trying to make people understand what am i saying.

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only you trying yes?

On this Highlights video, at the 3rd highlight, I can hear the Plasma gun sound being played prematurely, then it stopped immediately. Hmm…

Damn you, I have to explain it

Not really a buff idea but would be nice if allow Superchick used all abilities (use regular boss wave + multiplicity (specifically, the spinning laser))

This also means Superchick from Multiplicity can use the abilities like original one cuz i think using only one attack seems boring.


i think the spinning laser should appear in 100+ difficulty missions

Who are you talking to?

Nah, that should appear at 20% difficulty.

No don’t added from all bosses single wave.