CIU version 145

do you have any solution to this problem?
it has been annoyed me for like since v144

i found the problem
turn off the plugin i installed will fix the problem

What does it means ?


if you have problem downloading standalone version from ia server, here is the link

Internal change related to video generation. At least that’s what was assumed before.

Previously, UFOs spawned by the Yolk-Star™ could’ve thrown the RNG out of sync which might’ve caused different drops for different people in the same mission. Now it’s not happening.


Look at my report:

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I’ve just checked the old router (that gives me port-restricted cone) and I also have different IPs in the router and on the website, which means that there’s a NAT, from what I conclude that the new provider cheaped out somewhere and decided to block all the ports, maybe? No idea.

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Well, the CGNAT also has a type (Full cone, Restricted cone, Port-restricted cone, or Symmetric). The overall type will be the most restrictive of the two (although there might be combinations that might make the overall type even worse than the individual types – I don’t know for certain).

My guess is that your “old” CGNAT is either Full cone or Restricted cone, so provided your own NAT is configured correctly things work, but your “new” CGNAT is Symmetric, so it won’t work no matter what you do.


i’m still curious if dedicated multiplayer servers are viable or not

i pretty much doubt that, since CIU is still very small and dedicated mp servers would need to be spread out across regions which will take a lot of money to host compared to the few main game servers

@InterAction_studios When would CI2U, CI3U, CI4U and CI5U DLC be released?


Today is 29th April, and i don’t understand why the Easter content is still available at the moment? Am i missing some special international events?

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Yes, quite.


There are 2 different Easter event. Now i have just known this.

It’s not about Easter, it’s about the difference between Catholic and Orthodox holidays. I’m not religious enough to know much, but afair one uses the old calendar and the other uses the same dates translated to the new calendar, therefore the difference. Another popular question appearing here every year is about the Christmas edition, which is there because it’s the 25th of December for Catholic and the 7th of January for Orthodox.


The more you know

Can you make the party chicken’ bullet ring attack for the 2nd time onwards to have pink signal to make noticeable attention

The radial attack occurs every third time it changes direction, so it doesn’t need a warning indication.


or second time

Nope, 3rd time after every 2nd moves.

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