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Audio streaming platforms are not exactly the best place to earn money from music. Something like Bandcamp or Steam would be better.

Soundtrack from CI games on Steam
We don’t know what is IA take on it, but the soundtrack author doesn’t mind releasing it on Steam.

CIU could have steam cards but you won’t get any drops for free.

Free apps may only have trading cards if the app has in-app purchases. Users will get a card drop for every $9 USD equivalent spent in the app.
Steam Community Items (Steamworks Documentation)

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It’s already in the game. It’s a blue alien.

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Yeah, I realize most ideas from early games have been redesigned for later games. Never mind all of that, I’m glad with the game as it was from when I started trying it this summer.

Someday someone gonna make a CIU slander and they will say " Donny ask for UCO5 for the 420th time"


Wrong topic, Donny.

Also, why are you that desperate to see ‘‘UCO5’’ added in-game? Isn’t Dr. Beaker good enough for you?

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I think you should make it (it needs to be different from the other U.C.O’s) and suggest it.

Q: Did Henlley’s Comet/Magnetic Malpunator theme changed or they’re still keeping the OG music? (Comet Chase theme)

Yes, it is changed to CIU boss music 1

So I watched @Sammarald vid and found out the custom zoom vid. I was curious how he do it and how he actually “exploit” the usage of it. So one question, how can you do that? and zooming too wide is unplayable?

First Emerald is a she, second I assume she done it by modding the game.


Wait if emeraldbird is a she, then so do Orville the Orca?

Assuming somebody’s pronouns is always incorrect though


Custom cheats. And you probably shouldn’t do that.

Oh and will halloween comes to CIU?

Unknown. Before iA said that it won’t be done because only CI5 content had Halloween version. But the last time it was asked the response was “Noted”.


What CHL is and why LunarX just obssessed with it??

Because they can’t buy it themselves.

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Is it expensive?

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Damn people really be flexing with their quest ranks