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Some support item to IA which have some features in the game locked if not owned, (i.e some customization paintjobs, Double team and Ironman, makes the non CHL player pay twice the price of items that have CHL next to them except hardpoints, etc).

It’s known you can see beggars all over the internet. At least one.

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It’s in the main post btw.


Is IA has added back the music continuation “feature” back? I liked that because I will know if the next boss share same theme or not.

It’s already in the game

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Hey uh, kinda asking but when will IA support other type of currencies beside euros?

on the steam version

I mean the outside version

Generally card payments auto convert to your value. So it should support all currencies. Unless you mean some other payment type like PSC or something like that.

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Does the final class ship family of the Scout class have MAX power? Or it’s just only 10?

None of the H&C ships have max power.

sadge. Must be old version I see a H&C ship have max power

Q: Do portals at Droid Raid level crashable?

A: no

Not sure if this is the right place for this but here we go.

What language is the game written in?

С++ and C mixture.


If you got CHL via steam, then uninstall (with email account on). Will your CHL keeps when playing at the standalone version?

Oh and IA have discord?

Technically yes, but he often uses it for the sole reason of quick bug reports receiving in Chicken Invaders Discord.

Then it is linked to your account which is linked to an E-mail. Forever. No matter which version you play.


Currently I downloaded and I kinda curious about where are the sprites of all Chicken Invaders is?

Chicken Invaders Universe Wiki.