Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there is actually an option to buy Chicken Invaders soundtrack at, but it doesn’t include CI5 and I don’t think CIU is anywhere close to appearing there too. CIU OST increases in size quite much lately.

So this is the only place I can forever listen to soundtrack from?, I mean did IA plan once to release them on other listening softwares?

No idea. Better to ask iA himself for this one.

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Question: Will the game most likely have trading cards in Steam?

What exactly do these options buy you? A starting weapon, or an extra dock? In 4-5 we had extra docks and I see people with extra docks in CIU too.

Don’t feel like spending several grand on them until I know which it is, because it’s docks I’m looking for.

If it’s not docks, where do I get docks and how?

Preloaded satellites.

You can’t get extra docks.

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AKA extra DOCKS, I said DOCKS, auto-loaded, but they don’t allow you to pick up more? Because there’s** waves with like 3 - 4 satellites in them

The better the ship — the more docking spots you get. It’s in spacecraft’s description.


Neat. I have enough to buy any ship. Do you recommend the Raven 76? It seem sleek.

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Get a legendary M408, coordanites: 324+772.

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Wait what do coordinates mean? I see a M408 Cuisiner, Licensed, Customizable

Galaxy camera position, it’s displayed on the bottom left corner.

Open the game, and click on the purple question mark on the bottom right.

Oh, that’s where the store to buy it is, okay.


Yea that’s what I mean. Reason to get one: Decent amount of satellite slots (4), good maneuverability, not too big hitbox, and a 10+ (MAX) weapon power limit. (Max Power = 20)

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Oh also, if you’re asking what’s the best satellite to buy, get Barbequer.

Yeah, I figured the ‘weapon that destroys enemy weapons’ is ideal. Although for my purposes, the ICBM would better replace the Absolver for handling bosses with lasers.

Absolver has some benefits and downsides:
Benefits: Can penetrate bubbles.
Can destroy enemy projectiles
Downsides: Not effective in Supernova, Meteor Storm, Feather Fields, and Comet Chase.
Requires time to charge (obviously).
Terrible in specific waves.

Wait, there’s nobody out there on the server I’m in (5xx, it changes?)

Players far away from you are not loaded to save PC resources and game intrigue.
Also pls move to chatting place thx.