Early Access version 97

This indeed helps a lot. It shows that the sound loops even without pausing, and irrespective of multiplayer. So I’m heavily leaning towards it being a BASS bug now, rather than a problem in my code (I made slight changes to fix this in v.96):

Rather unfortunately, in v.96 I also updated the BASS version :frowning:


Just a little suggestion, can you make coins drop when you defeat the yolk-star™’s yolk instead of shell. Since you yolk doesn’t reward anything.

I think that vulcan chainguns spread should be reverted back, it is what made it unique and was the only reason a lot of people including me used it. Now it doesn’t shoot backwards at all and is honestly pretty useless.

The spread was of limited usefulness outside of Comet Chase missions, and having it lowered makes the weapon easier to use overall.

How do you know that?

I want to report a bug that appeared in v 96 and is still present here, in v 97.
Sometimes, when you are firing your Plasma Rifle or Positron Stream and pick up another weapon or getting a last hit on the last enemy of a stage the sound of firing doesn’t stop and goes on even in the main menu of the game. The only solution to get rid of the buzzing sound is to restart the game completely.
I’m still not certain of the exact conditions in which this happens, because I’m not able to reproduce it at will…

@InterAction_studios there is option to darken other players in multiplayer. Make another option to darken other players’ weapons in multiplayer because it’s the main confusing thing in multiplayer. But make it 3 levels only instead of 5 so weapons won’t be too dark:

Also since you’re making knockouts 8x8 next Galactic Cup, how about knockouts be at random durations? The mission would still be long, for example the the shortest knockout mission will be 7x7 waves and the longest is 9x9 waves. You can use numbers from 7 to 9 since knockouts doesn’t have to be always a square.

Example: 1st day 7x8 waves. 2nd day: 8x9. 3rd day: 9x7, etc…

And can Vulcanic Chaingun’s sound be higher? I like its sound but it’s too low.

Can barriers be faster at high difficulties in waves like Heavy Metal, Pedal to the Metal, etc…

If you can’t join a mission during the last wave, how about remove it from the room list? What’s the point of it appearing if you can’t join:

When someone invites you to a squadron, how about adding a “?” icon next to it so it be easier to find:

Also when clicking “Squadrons” button from invitation message, make the screen locates that squadron automatically and make the squadron’s name highlighted:

Why does the Pecking Order at “Panzer Strike” wave start from Chick Gatling\Lasergun?

Because :arrow_down:

You would die less times and collect more stuff if you’re less distracted with weapons.


Why should it be less customizable than darkening other players’ ships? If people want them to be dark, then let them do it.

make the option “darken other players” affect their weapons and sattelites

I figured someone would complain saying “what if you darkened the ships at max? Weapons would be very hard to notice”. That’s why I separated them. Also maybe someone likes to darken weapons but not ships.

I think it would be very difficult to add. And anyways, why do you want that? Why is it important?

But my question was why make the weapons less customizable than the ships when it comes to darknening other players’ stuff. There is no reason for anyone to complain about max darkened weapons because it costs you nothing to just…not use that

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I see no point anybody to do so. If you record your performance and share it you could possibly help your opponent. What happens to other pairs is irrelevant.

In that case I find useful the results to be shown with their exact points (for both players) not only percentage. So everybody could compare their performance and know what to expect for the next round. It is kind of curious to know how others achieve qualification.

Here are few more suggestion:

  1. Related to the previous I think it would be good to still have access to Groupe phase data in the Knockout phase. To know if your opponent is barely qualified or he wins the group. And with how many points.
  2. For the Group phase I can’t see my points until my opponent finish his game. So when I come for the next round I don’t know if I have won the previous day or lost. Except if I should remember my points for every round but it’s kind of annoying to calculate them by myself every day. I want to know if I barely won/lost or the opposite side didn’t participate at all. In conclusion it would be great somehow to see what happens previous day (also with rivals).
  3. Highlight somehow the places that grant access to the next phase
  4. Also please add numbers in front players in the result chart. If I’m somewhere behind it will helps me easily find out how many players I need to overrun to be qualified
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It had a lot of use in waves where enemies spawned under you or were sorrounding you, why would you try to fix something that wasn’t broken, it’s just rip now

Honestly, it’s impressive that they only take one week of work.

Sorta. Vulcan is objectively less useful now, but arguably more in line with the original vision for the mechanic. I don’t think it was ever meant to be a viable means of backwards-firing.

Y’know, players being able to equip weapon skins would also help out with this… :wink:

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Quite frankly, when Vulcan has over 180 spread, it’s quite RNG to get the bullets to hit your intended targets.

This does mean that there is a legit niche for a dedicated 360 attack weapon.

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In comet chase that doesn’t matter, because the targets are huge and go down in one hit.

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vulcan in general was intended to be like your typical “Rapid Fire” weapon

the spread is actually supposed to be like a “debuff” and less of a “shot style”

that’s why the game tells you to fire in “short and deliberate bursts”
Screenshot (838)

so imo, the ridiculous spread actually makes sense, although it probably should lose accuracy faster rather than so long to actually take effect

Then again, I can’t imagine it’s easy to retain accuracy with an assault rifle in real life if you’re constantly blasting away with it, rather than with controlled bursts of 3.