Early Access version 96

That’s not what I said. I said an anti-swear filter would not be effective.

The Terms of Service clearly state that:

Any information or data you submit to Chicken Invaders Universe (the “Game”) and which will be visible by other players must not be offensive, religious, sexual, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate for the Game’s age rating (namely, 7+).

Depending on your level of swearing, you might be in breach of the Terms of Service and, if other players complain, action may be taken against you.


Nice :woozy_face:

Man, I just didn’t know what they meant.

so, can you sort spacecraft in the stat by class instead of wtf like this pls


Yes, or at least, let players decide how they want to sort their spacecrafts


That would be a waste if I did that because not much people would like to look at that topic

Good luck finding your idea later then. Most ideas in past had their own topics. Even Ideas category was made for this some time after. I don’t understand where people got the idea of using Early Access versions topics to post their ideas, and then reposting them every time new version comes out with “Did you read this iA?” line.

And people even discourage others not to create topics. Why?


i mean making a topic for “make satellites darken”
nothing big

Oops! :sweat:

IA, can you make the chicken inside the armored chicken survive after their egg ship is destroyed


also this


Changed in v.97


though can you add the rarity sort for it?
(no i am not trying to steal it)

And also the weapon bullet was apper first before the spacecraft come up

Hello I find an unexplainable bug about ships tail
@InterAction_studios pleaaaseee watch it!!


iA fixed this.


I agree. Please fix this or else the universe will die.


This is what I am talking about

although other players’ spacecraft has darken but some hardpoints are still shown despite unchecking the show other players hardpoints feature


I confush with this:

This guy is not in my squadron.
As for my think, I think this bug work like: There is an guy not in my squadron, fly the same mission and I the leader of the squadron. When I complete the mission and make assignment to my squadron, my friend Tiến Hero CIU join a multiplayer mission or create a multiplayer in the assignment button with the same mission that I just flown, after complete the mission, it will count all the players who join the multiplayer assignment game has finish the assignment mission.

i dont think its really 12+, <13 are forced to use quick chat