Early Access version 96

Known and already fixed.

Well, if there is a disconnect symbol it means you’re about to be disconnected. It’s not something that can be “fixed”.

Known and already fixed.

That’s exactly what is happening, very good. Fixed in v.97 :medal_sports: Bug


Looped Weapon Sound Bug Only at 0:00


But it is not supposed to be in the center of the screen but on the top instead

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Hey I want to be one of your squadron members

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Im full of member, I will create a new one later.

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iA,can you do same direction wave


I’ll join i guess

Wait for the new Squadron to be create…

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When the pause menu is displayed, sounds gradually fade out over the course of 1 second. From your video it’s not clear how long you’ve been pausing the game for, and you unpause way too quickly to draw any conclusions.

There are two disconnection icons: One for disconnecting from the MMO server (the one you log in when you first “save the world” – this is the one displayed at the top of the screen), and one for disconnecting from a multiplayer host (that one is at the center of the screen)


@InterAction_studios Can you increase the brightness of the text in-mission bonus score like those medals?

Is kinda hard to see with the black text like Perking order.

And 1 more, my mission cofig somehow got unmounted all but I didn’t click the unmount all button

I disconnect and open the game fast for 3-5 times.

balloon chicken have pecking order even out separate the chickens

Is this one counted as a bug?

At the corner right

Well, it is neutral :neutral_face:

A player left the game game while paused, the laser cannon looks kinda weird from where the spaceship was


Why one of them has pecking order and one of them doesn’t?

Because you lose a perking order in that one, the one have perking order that mean you still have the perking order.

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Because pecking order is counted for the whole 12 eggs in each portal, not sets of 4. You may have shot incorrectly on the previous set (note that missing does not ruin pecking order, only shooting incorrectly does).


Hello iA, can you make these progress meters don’t fade out when a zombie player approaches, just make these fade out when a real player approaches in multiplayer?

Uploading: Screenshot_2021-11-11-09-39-59-06.png…