Early Access version 96

I don’t really like changing callsign, I don’t want either way

iA. Non-Invasion missions in multiplayer should have their key-drop per player instead of for everyone to catch because of Hoarding Problems.

What am I saying here is non-invasion drop keys when a wave is over, this lead to people take all the keys for themselves (even worse, Join when the wave is over then take everything). So instead of making the keys global, make it locally (keys for other players are transparent like Charity).

Should keys behave like Charity?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Skill Issue

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edit: I am talking about Multiplayer btw

You need to send message to iA in order to change your username

This is an example:

“Hi iA, can you change my username from [this] to [that]”

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Do IA have their emails

Fixed in v.97 :medal_sports: Bug


I’d really rather avoid this. It would be a very poor game experience for guests when host disconnects because “the game is over for them”

That makes sense, however it still won’t fix cases where a zombie is ramming into an enemy but the keys are collected by another (alive) player.

Why would you need to know that?

Because you’ve selected “Darken other players”

Those two mean the same thing.

No. Too much work and will be ultimately circumventable. These things never work.

Changed in v.97 :medal_sports: Idea

I can’t really stop people being jerks. Next, people will complain about hoarding gifts and atoms.


As for how to get great minds think alike:
Think about new waves or bosses. I don’t really thinking for new Special Weapons or Basic Weapons will be featured in next version
Is that the right way to get that medal? (Your choice)

those are a different story though

If you have an idea in your mind, create a new topic and share your idea to everyone.

So we are allowed to swear?

yes. You are allowed to do so but not for harassment purposes.

I n t r e s t i n g…

Why not

I think no, this game is 7+, maybe if you swear only in your room it’s fine (but not globally like callsign, that’s why there is no global chat).

What if someone plays game with 5 years? He gets arrested?

Among Us is 12+ but no one really cares about it (like any other game). Age isn’t possible to be strictly enforced, but the Terms of Service says so.

if they find out you play games not you age, then they are allowed to delete the account or something like that

Intresting, so for example if i have 5 years and somehow got tier 99 acc with license, with over 7 months flytime, they will delete my acc?

i don’t think any 5yr can do that

It can

that’ll work but thing is that people start rejoining so can there be cooldown depending on how much people join on the same multiplayer match