Early Access version 91

Idk, But living close to the host reduces the ping.

This happened to me again :confused:


maybe your connection

@CattyCheese My connection is normal but idk why this happen when I was multiplayer alone.

@InterAction_studios can you add :arrow_forward: :arrow_forward: and :arrow_backward: :arrow_backward: in multiplayer for a quick go to the number of player we want.

Hope IA will add password generator for mutiplayer mode ._.

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Already reported:

could you add like a password and public/private enable multiplayer missions so that random people wouldnt go to rooms we didnt expect them to be?

I can’t bring my satellites to

This is a bug game about Satellite.
Not only the player can’t take the Satellite to play a Multiplayer mission, but also the mission such as event i can’t take the Satellite to the event mission, too.
My this video is about that bug game, i can’t take Barbequer to play Space Race mission.
My video: CIU 2021-10-11 11-06-36-995.avi - Google Drive

image from @Bestagons (newcomer can’t post media, I came to help)

That alot of planets

probably out of memory or graphics card error

Same too

@InterAction_studios, if you respond, please fix it.

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can someone count for me how many times the satellite bug has been reported


My memories is 400-500 mb
sometime it go 500-505 mb

Idk, but I found out for the first time since a few minutes ago.

I think IA will award medal to all of who is respond this multiplayer satellite bug :slightly_smiling_face:

multiplayer fun


also double click a match to join multiplayer instantly because i want it

there is a bug where you join a game during boss wave you can’t hear boss music