Early Access version 91


Multiplayer! Well, yes, but actually no. Kinda. You can start and join multiplayer missions, but it should still be considered work-in-progress, a lot of things are still untested, and can very easily go wrong. Also, this is considered a “minimum viable product”, i.e. the bare-bone version. Functionality will continue to be added over the next updates. There will be a ‘proper’ multiplayer launch once all the kinks have been ironed out.

You can read more about multiplayer here: 🚀 Multiplayer

Bug/Idea medals will be awarded later in the day. :warning: Your medal cannot be awarded if your in-game callsign doesn’t match your forum name (send it to me in a private message).


You will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • all graphics options, which includes your window/borderless/fullscreen setting.
  • if any options have been removed or added to a new version, then all menu options (not just graphics) will be lost.


:new: New features – :bulb: Tweaks – :bug: Bug fixes – :gear: Internal changes

  • :gear: Deleted users who haven’t logged in during the past 4 weeks and have less than an hour of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the past week and have less than 10 minutes of playtime, and also users who haven’t logged in during the last 12 months and haven’t set an e-mail. Note that users with any purchase are never deleted.
  • :bug: Fixed disconnections when pausing missions and entering options menu (@iIfireIi :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Fixed stale savegame data persisting (both server- and client-side) after disconnections or emergency quit (@Peka_za_Dragon :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Gatling chick explosions now use blue sparks instead of red (@RainbowBoyVN :medal_sports: Bug)
  • :bug: Laser gun chick explosions now use pink sparks instead of red.
  • :gear: Added multiplayer groundwork (part 4).
  • :gear: Photon Swarm: Reduced bandwidth usage somewhat.

I can’t bring satellites with myself in multiplayers.

UPDATE: That was ok while playing as a guest.

Same here, and also when anomally area is being use by someone, it will change everyone’s direction too. @InterAction_studios You should check that out.

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A tip for Y’all peeps playing multiplayer out there:

stop pausing the game if you want to leave. Ctrl Alt X exist

in case if you are vietnamese:

Bớt pause nếu muốn thoát. Dùng tổ hợp Ctrl + Alt + X


Suggestion for multiplayer(by Bart0lo, not mine): show which player paused the game

or the anomaly should be only affected for them, not for everyone (though host can affect the anomaly for everyone)

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we need pausing to be personal. it gets really annoying when there are many people and some keep pausing while others resume.


A vote for pausing could also be a decent alternative.

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how about pause gray out your spaceship, making you immortal when you pause like you never exist in the game (I know this could be exploited)

That would be kinda annoying. Potentially no one would even pause.

The better alternative is just to bring up the menu for just the person who paused, but it does not pause the game at all. Just like most multiplayer games.

That way, if someone wants to leave, they won’t disrupt gameplay.

For additional detail: “Game Paused” will be changed to “NOT Paused (seriously, it’s not.)”


Agree. And what do you think about anomally bug ? When someone use anomally, it affects everyone else.

experienced with a 15+ room where everyone’s ships were spinning and cluck bombs being everywhere
ok so

  • anomaly zones need to only affect players who run into them
  • pausing should not pause everyone
  • pro gamer mode needs to work for people who have it enabled
  • ships and bullets need to be easily distinguished
  • ghost trails need to be disabled
  • maybe rooms need to be able to be renamed and have a password too

How about this message,

“your firewall employs a… certain multiplayer games will be unavailable to you”

What does that mean?

Why doesn’t anyone talk about this part of the warning when you enter the multiplayer section?



@InterAction_studios Interesting caution LOL

When i enter the room the game crash

should’ve highlighted that line

Ctrl Alt X didn’t work for me. Pressed a lot while playing. Someone pressed “ESC” and left immediately

The game allows 270 characters while the game supports 256. Crashed the game with lots of ЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖЖ.

The medaol goes to @OneWingLunarian I believe as she was the one who posted the footage.