Early Access version 91

do double teams count towards all misions?
if it does then it shouldn’t be like that

Before I get into specifics, I can see that there is a lot of work still remaining on multiplayer. There are at least 3 different types of problems:

  1. Game-crashing bugs that only occur in multiplayer, and only under extreme network load. These are very important to fix, but also very hard to fix.
  2. Minor multiplayer annoyances (anomaly zones, pausing, ghost trails, etc)
  3. Functionality improvements (contacts-only games, private rooms, kick-banning, NAT improvements )

These are listed in order of priority. I am keeping notes of everything, but it will be a while until I can get to low-priority issues. Let’s just call this the triage rule for short.

Fixed in v.92 :medal_sports: Bug

This is how it’s supposed to work. I realize it’s not convenient in multiplayer, so I’ll look into it after fixing all serious bugs. See triage rule.

Again, pausing is something I’ll look into. Triage rule.

Not possible. I can maybe apply some pro-gamer effects (like smaller explosions), but some (like raise powerups) are all-or-nothing.

Perhaps only see your own? Triage rule.

Fixed in v.92 :medal_sports: Bug

Yes, you can. “The game sticks in route mode” is another problem altogether.

Fixed in v.92 :medal_sports: Bug


I think the problems stem from overloading the network connection. Investigating.

Fixed in v.92 :medal_sports: Bug

This is called latency, or “ping”.

Changed in v.92 :medal_sports: Idea


Will there ever be an option for LAN miltiplayer?


explosions and smokes are somewhat necessary, while making powerups appear on top isn’t too important for me

yes that will be perfectly fine

chickenpunk 2077

can we make a passworded private multiplayer?

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not yet

iA, is necessary to make the callsigh follow the shield (or highlight) in multiplayer?

Well, some players have very dark or black shields, and their callsigns would not be readable


Ah why can’t I play multiplayer?

Should I use a VPN?

Refresh and try again. Maybe the hoster has cancel the mission

Also this Clucker Bomb should be reduced bandwidth usage because 1 person (yes) is spamming Clucker Bomb make my Laptop is almost freeze.

you just defined the first troll method in CIU multiplayer, congrats

As @RainbowBoyVN said, the host has probably disappeared in the meantime. This scenario becomes more probable the older your games list is (without refreshing)

This is a GPU problem, not a bandwidth one. But noted.


Other players’ special weapons when used in multiplayer need to count instead of no, avoid spamming special weapons, abuse it to complete missions easily, and also avoid some players make other players lag

“Fixed” in v.91.3 :medal_sports: Idea


Fixed in v.92 :medal_sports: Bug